The horrifying moment when a truck Crashes down the highway during Storm Eunice before motorists rush to rescue the driver

THIS is the horrific moment when a truck overturned on the motorway as Storm Eunice hit the UK in a 122 mph storm.

Motorists tried to rescue a driver after a heartbreaking crash on the M40 northbound near Bicester, Oxfordshire.


It’s a horrific moment: a truck overturned on a motorway during high winds, narrowly missing a van.Credit: Content bible
Truck Driver Escaped With Scratches After Crash


Truck driver escaped with scratches after crashCredit: Content bible

Surprisingly, the motorist escaped serious injury. The van drove through the middle lane seconds before the truck overturned.

A driver who videotaped the accident, which occurred when an 84-mph blast hit a motorway, said conditions were “horrible.”

“I stopped in front of the truck and ran out to check if the guy was okay,” he said.

“Two other guys came running and helped me get on the truck and pull it out.”

The hero said that the victim was “shaken” but was otherwise unharmed.

“He was fine,” he said.

“He had a few cuts on his face, he was shocked, but everything is fine.

It happens like:

“The weather conditions were terrible in terms of wind.

“My reaction was in a sense empty.

“It was just a shock to see what was happening.”

Two trucks were also blown up on the M4 between Portcaul and Margam in Wales when a 90 mph wind gust blew shortly before 11 am.

Unfortunately, three Britons and an Irishman are known to have died in the storm today.

A woman in her 30s who was a passenger in the car died in Haringey, London when a tree fell on the car.

The 30-year-old man who was driving was hospitalized. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

In Hampshire, a man in his 20s was killed and a second man seriously injured when a 10-foot tree fell in the market town of Alton.

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A man in his 50s died when debris pierced the windshield of a car in Merseyside.

And a man in his 60s died in County Wexford when he was crushed by a tree while clearing trash.

Elsewhere, three people were taken to hospital – one with serious injuries – after a tree fell on a car in Wiltshire, and two others were injured when a balcony collapsed in London.

Severe weather triggered two rare red weather warnings, meaning “danger to life”.

According to the Met Office, today’s storms are considered the most severe ever recorded in England.

Roads were closed across the country after trees fell onto the roadway.

Airports have canceled hundreds of flights and the port of Dover has been temporarily closed due to bad weather.

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The South Western Railway said at least 30 fallen trees are blocking key routes, causing all services to be suspended until tonight.

Six other operators have also canceled all trains until further notice, including c2c, Chiltern Railways, Great Western Railway, Greater Anglia, Southeast and Transport for Wales.

Both red warnings in effect over southern England and Wales have expired, meaning that the strongest wind gusts are likely to have stopped.

London was for the first time seized with such anxiety.

In Croydon, striking footage shows pedestrians being knocked down.

Part of the O2’s roof was also torn off, and staff warned that the establishment could be closed for several months.


The hardest-hit region, the Isle of Wight, recorded wind gusts of 122 mph this morning.

The gusts there were even stronger than during the Great Storm of 1987, when 18 people died.

Meanwhile, a major incident has been declared in Suffolk, while power was cut to 55,000 homes, farms and businesses in Ireland this morning and another 85,000 homes were left without power across England and Wales.

And more than 100 people were trapped on a ferry in the middle of the sea off the coast of Portsmouth.

About 90 passengers and 13 crew members are on board the Wightlink ferry, which was forced to anchor in dangerous conditions.

Yellow Warning in effect until 9:00 PM.

Yellow warnings for snow and ice in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England will end tonight.

Yellow warnings for ice, wind and rain were issued over the weekend and on Monday.

Tomorrow the houses in the south will face beatings again.

Winds are expected to reach 60 mph across the Bristol Strait and along the south coast of England, and around 50 mph inland.

A Man In His 20S Was Killed Today In Alton, Hampshire When A Tree Fell On A Van.


A man in his 20s was killed today in Alton, Hampshire when a tree fell on a van.1 credit
Today, The Uk Is Facing The Worst Storm In Decades, With Winds Of 190 Mph Recorded Off The Isle Of Wight, The Fastest In England.


Today, the UK is facing the worst storm in decades, with winds of 190 mph recorded off the Isle of Wight, the fastest in England.1 credit
Trees Fell Across The Country, Causing Four Tragedies In England And Ireland.


Trees fell across the country, causing four tragedies in England and Ireland.Credit: Eddie Mitchell

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