October 18, 2021

The hero saves his dog-winged friends from an alligator attack.

The beauty, a black Labrador retriever, is slowly recovering after rescuing her duck siblings from an alligator attack. Since they were little ducks, Beauty took care of Crust, Downey and Dot and treated them with love and care.

She was even once considered “missing” when the ducks got lost and got stuck in a thorn bush. Beauty stayed around him and lay down by the bush until her parents came looking for her. So, when an even bigger and more terrible threat came, this brave child was ready to defend his flock.

Beauty with duck.

A beautiful 8-year-old dog lives with his family and his pet ducks on the shores of Lake Powell in Panama City Beach, Florida. The day of the attack began like no other, the beauty followed closely and kept an eye on her best friends. But it soon became frightening when Beauty’s mother heard a noise that showed that something was very wrong.

“I just went into a state of panic. I heard a commotion, and honestly, I thought another dog had come into the yard. It wasn’t barking as I knew it beautifully,” said Beauty’s mother, Misty. Said.

Pet ducks

When Misty takes her to shore, she sees her ducks roaring, her beauty soaking wet, and an alligator lying on the sand by the water’s edge. Misty immediately realized that beauty is not good. When called, she could not stand or move. So Misty immediately ran to Beauty, picked him up, and took him to VetsPets Animal Hospital.

“The alligator was the first thing I saw because it was on the water’s edge. Once I went down there was only blood everywhere. There was clearly a fight,” Misty said.

Once Dr. Bar examined her, he knew that beauty was in one form or another. He was Several were seriously injured. The beauty had large soft tissue wounds on her back and deep throat. Her leg was also broken and she will need two surgeries.

Fortunately, this brave girl made it through a long, difficult procedure and is now expected to fully recover in six to eight weeks.


To the great relief of her loving family, Beauty finally returned home from the hospital on September 29. A 16-day hospital stay feels like forever. While she is still recovering, the beauty will continue to heal at home and be in the capable hands of her beloved mother.

Misty later said that the beauty is doing very well, but they are keeping a close eye on her wounds. Although the beauty is expected to encounter the alligator once she is fully recovered, one of the ducks did not make it home and is thought to have been eaten.


Misty said this is not the first time he has seen Paul swimming in a crazy lake. He said he also saw one after Hurricane Michael. However, she does not think that this is the same gator.

Since the attack, Beauty’s father has contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They came to remove the gator, but couldn’t find it. They plan to return to search.

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