September 25, 2021

The healthy baby was taken to Birmingham Hospital for mixing with sick twins.

The trust has admitted that a healthy child was accidentally killed in a horrific mix-up with her sick twins.

Another child died in the process, according to a report, in one of 700 cases where deaths were caused by errors in NHS hospitals in England.

Birmingham Women's NHS Hospital in Edgbaston.


Birmingham Women’s NHS Hospital in Edgbaston.Credit: Scholar

The patient had hoped that her healthy fetus would survive when it was discovered that her twins were suffering from limited development.

This condition increases the chances of having a baby and puts a healthy baby at risk.

But, during the procedure of the Birmingham Women and Children NHS Foundation Trust, surgeons accidentally removed the healthy twins and both died.

Their deaths were revealed during a massive Freedom of Information Act survey. Sunday Express..

It found that 700 other deaths were caused by “fundamental errors, including falling from a trolley, being discharged too early or not getting the right tests or medication.”

For example, a patient receiving treatment under the Northern Lincolnshire and Round NHS Trust, who was considered at risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT), died after not being given anti-embolism stockings.

These are specially designed socks that help reduce the risk of DVT – or blood clots – in the lower leg after surgery, when people are sick or when patients are less active than usual.

According to the FOI, a critically ill patient was considered to have the flu while he was in A&E at the West Suffolk NHS Trust – but, sadly, he later died of sepsis.

And at Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust, a patient died after accidentally extracting extra oxygen.

In another mistake, a patient died in the care of the North Bristol NHS Trust when a surgical mix-up meant that the wrong part of his bowel had been used to make a colostomy.

Unfortunately, a fatal error occurred.

Dr. Fiona Reynolds, Birmingham Women and Children NHS Trust.

Dr Fiona Reynolds, chief medical officer of the Birmingham Women and Children’s NHS Trust, commented on the poor abortion: And possibly saving the life of a twin who shared a navel, a fatal mistake occurred.

“After this tragic case, a full and comprehensive investigation was expedited and the results were shared with the family with our sincere apologies and condolences.

“As a result of this thorough review, a new protocol has been developed to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of such an event.”

A spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists explained, “The restriction on fetal selective development is a condition that occurs in about 10 to 20% of twin attacks when one of the babies grows at a normal rate. You do not get proper nutrition through the placenta.

“In the most serious cases, termination of the election can generally improve the chances of survival of the enhanced fetus at the expense of the co-twins who prevent the development.”

She added: “However, all such procedures can increase the risk of early or complete miscarriage.

“Parents who go through electoral reversal of twin attacks face painful decisions and report feelings of anxiety, stress and emotional trauma.

“She should help her clinical team during and after pregnancy.”

In January 2020, BBC News In England, the NHS reportedly had to pay قانونی 4.3 billion in legal fees to settle outstanding medical negligence claims.

The broadcaster, which also filed an FOI application, reported that “each year the NHS receives more than 10,000 new claims for compensation”.

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