September 23, 2021

The head of Glasgow Airport called for more cooperation to be ready for 2022.

The head of an SCOTS airport issued a new call to allow the aviation sector to be ready for 2022.

Glasgow Airport found that only a handful of passengers departed from the Hub at the height of the lockdown last year, and even as more destinations turn red and amber travel lists turn green, the number of daily passengers is still 6,000 to 9,000. Significantly lower.

A typical August day would be watched by about 35,000 people through the terminal.

Ronald Leach, Glasgow Airport’s director of operations, said: “We have been advocating for the need for expert and sector support for aviation for over 16 months.

“To date, in terms of government support, outside of Ferrero, it has been a relief in rates that were open to most businesses, but there relief has significantly reduced our losses.

“That was about one percent of our total losses.”

The airport’s parent company, AGS Airports, which also operates Aberdeen and Southampton airports, is pushing for the expansion of Furlo to help with the restoration.

Mr Leach added: “We are trying to make the most of Furlo’s use so that staff are available, if the green, amber and red countries change or the airlines decide to add some extra flights.” But because of this uncertainty, no one can really predict what these schedules and burdens will look like.

Mr Leach believes a partnership approach is needed to overcome the epidemic.

He added: “Our vision is to build better, stronger, more sustainable.

“Our industry or country has never seen such a shock before that basically disrupted all services and normal life.

“It doesn’t have to be a blank page to resume it, but it’s an opportunity to say what lessons have we learned?”

How can we progress and at this time we are encouraged and urged the government to start working on it expeditiously.

“We fully understand that Health The situation is a priority and we continue to play our part in this area, but we believe that there should be people who have a long-term vision.

While we are dealing with fewer passengers than ever before on a daily basis, and we are responding to this on a short to medium term basis, we now have operations in 2022 with the airlines. Are talking about

“Airlines are looking forward to the summer holidays next year, and their question and challenge is why Glasgow? At the moment we are trying to promote and sell it.

“Through the Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow City. Council And the Scottish Government, we’re moving forward on what the city will look like, what the city looks like and what it can bring to the region.

“What we can’t wait for is to go through the winter and think about it in April next year.”

Mr Leach said a vibrant and thriving Glasgow airport was crucial to the 10 million annual passengers before the epidemic.

He added: “In terms of airlines and decisions to operate their routes, they don’t fly to Glasgow Airport because we’ve got a good airport and runway. Fly here because of the city.

“Over the decades, we have worked closely with the Scottish Government, local authorities, and other partnerships, whether it’s the Chambers of Commerce or the Academia, to promote and support bids to bring events here.

“When the city does well, the airport does well, so how close we are.”

The Herald is leading a campaign for a fair deal for Glasgow, calling for adequate funding of city venues and treasures, and urging both the Scottish and British governments to promote Glasgow’s culture and entertainment services. They have been called upon to come up with a new funding plan.

The figures were inspired by the fact that epidemics have plagued the council’s arms-length organization that runs the city’s culture and entertainment. Glasgow Life lost 38 38 million last year.

Estimated revenue for 2021/22 is approximately 4 6.4 million, and while Glasgow City Council has reached an agreement to guarantee 100 100 million annually for the next three or four years, Glasgow Life is only 90 percent of that. Has been able to open. 171 places

Without more funds, it will not be able to open any more sites.

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