September 20, 2021

The hardest things for parents.

When it comes to parenting, everyone has a different way of working.

But there are some things that are largely ‘no’, according to a etiquette expert, unless you want to label them ‘tiki’.

An ethics expert has revealed the most difficult things parents do.


An ethics expert has revealed the most difficult things parents do.Credit: MBI
William shared nine things you should avoid as a parent - so how guilty are you?
William shared nine things you should avoid as a parent – so how guilty are you?

William Hansen told Shandar some ‘complicated’ things you should never do as a parent – and that is bad news if you scream out of a car window as you leave your children.

Here, William reveals nine things that parents should avoid at all costs if they don’t want to be strict.

Chatting at school gates

At the top of William’s hit list is gossip at school doors.

He said: “Although it is not difficult in itself to gossip with other parents and guardians at school doors, what is the point in Tiki Town when parents talk to the school, other people’s children or teachers?

“We all have an opinion, and healthy debate should be encouraged.

“But to do so in a public environment when one of the subjects talking in the trash is listening or appearing well is reckless and demanding.”

“Parents should keep any useless gossip behind closed doors and away from school doors unless they want to die.”

Screaming car window when children drop by.

Etiquette coach William also warned that parents should not shout from the car window when unloading their children, unless they look alert.

In recent centuries, leaders of etiquette have always been against making noise in public. William revealed that it did not change late and is still in bad shape.

He said: “Even worse, when someone from the front seat becomes a fugue, he gives last-minute instructions on pick-up times and after-school activities.

“If every parent did that, it would be pretty much useless, deafness. Why do some parents think it’s okay for them to have the loudest voice in the carpark?”

“Ask your kids to take off their headphones in the car for a moment and then talk to them.”

Last minute cleaning for your baby.

William also expressed hatred when parents cleaned up their child at the last minute.

According to the expert, there is no need to do this in public.

He said: “The child is not a stamp. Nor is it a child. There is no need to lick your thumb, wipe your forehead or cheeks and then send them on your way.

“Examine your children before they leave home. Public grooming is never encouraged at any age – and children usually step back when their parents do the same to them.


William explained that giving your child a dummy can be seen in general.

The expert advised that all parents should ‘dig a dummy’.

He said: “When it comes to raising your child, nothing is considered as common as giving your child a dummy (which, for transatlantic species, is quiet).

“You’ll never see a female child with a plastic slap in the mouth – they’ve been raised so much that they can make a little noise in public.

“Dig a dummy. If you don’t really want to hear your child, don’t keep them with you.

Using them as social media props.

There’s no point in people trying not to use social media – it’s here to stay, and it can be a great tool – when used properly, William said.

She revealed that she finds it difficult to use the baby – just to be liked.

William explained: “Like everything else, there is a way to use it without reducing the muddy streets of bad taste.

“Once a baby is born, a post is fine, if not expected. (Although try to avoid zoila and make the baby look like a washed woman for her first walk.)

“But beyond that, be careful not to exploit the child just to be liked.

“It’s probably less important for people who have private profiles – because they’re just family and friends who watch.

“But for those who keep their society open, keep your temper with your shallow desire to like your parental responsibility.”

Matching clothes

As mentioned earlier, parents dress their children in clothes that are their own mirror, not in good shape.

“Children should look like children – they’re not smart enough to grow old and, to be honest, they look a little crooked,” William said.

Running around the restaurant

Another difficult task for parents is to let their child hang out in restaurants.

According to the expert, according to what we see in restaurants and cafes today, most children today are free range and ferril variety.

He said: “A restaurant is not a place for people to gather and eat, it is a never ending playground for the little ones of lazy parents.

“Parents who insist that their child cannot sit in a chair for an hour have not brought up the child properly out of a sense of place and opportunity.”

Use of first names for parents

It is not progressive or clever for your child to tell you anything but mom and dad (or some kind of).

William said: “It’s ridiculous to have children using your first name to promote equality and it’s completely devoid of parental perspective.

“Can’t help others but wins when they realize how much the child means to their parents.”

Gender Disclosures

I never thought I’d consider a baby shower maybe not so bad.

Why? William said there were also gender-neutral parties.

He added: “They are another cross-display of attention-seeking, whether in the form of a personal Kring Festival or blank content for social media.

“Looking for attention is never common.”


“Children should look like children and you shouldn’t dress to meet them,” William said.Credit: Getty

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