September 28, 2021

The Guans House service will improve life on the south side of Glasgow.

The new service aims to improve the lives of people living in Gwen Hill.

The scheme has been launched in the Southside area to help local people with work and training and to meet the needs of local businesses.

Govanhill Opportunities is a free service for individuals and employers in the community.

It includes a one-to-one service that gives people access to employment and volunteer opportunities.

In parallel, the service also runs regular employment and volunteer workshops such as how to find a job, writing a CV and cover letter.

Anne McFarlane, a local resident and director of the Goonhall Community Development Trust, said:

“This plan is very timely, because many people in Gwen Hill want to improve their life chances that the epidemic has ended.

“We hope that the Goven Hill Opportunity Project will help improve the living conditions of community members.

“We are working with local employers to support and grow their business by combining the best local talent for their vacancies, providing information on Scottish Government funding and other supportive measures to ensure that Govt. Making Hill an even better place to live and work. ”

Guan Hill Opportunity aims to ensure that living a better life is more than just looking for a job, which is why the service also provides access to volunteer services. Education And help at work.

Helping local businesses by finding local jobs and providing access to employment funds is also an important part of the Govenhall Opportunity work.

This includes partnerships with Job Center Plus and other agencies.

Anyone who lives in Gwen Hill and is looking for help finding work or training opportunities can contact [email protected] or call 07919 372 488.

For volunteer opportunities contact [email protected] or call 07393 233 463.

Employees seeking help with job vacancies or job financing can contact [email protected] or call 07919 372 488.

The first job and volunteer workshops will start on September 1.

See for more information.

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