September 28, 2021

The Grenadines won the lottery just two weeks after receiving devastating news.

A couple who won a ‘life-changing’ money were told of their big win just two weeks after receiving devastating news about their dying mother.

Gary Summers and his wife Leslie from Greenwich were knocked on the door by postcode lottery owners last week to tell them that Gary had landed 60,000 euros because he was playing two tickets in the lottery.

The news came just a fortnight after her mother-in-law Margaret Bruce received a devastating diagnosis from doctors that her cancer had spread.

Now key NHS workers, who are the parents of four-year-old Siana, are planning for the family to fully enjoy their victory.

Gary, 33, told The Greenwich Telegraph, entitled “Our sister:” We received a phone call saying we would win something and it would be at least پون 1,000.

“We play two tickets, so we immediately thought that £ 2,000 would help us give Siana a wonderful Christmas.

“I was shocked to learn how much we had won. I couldn’t believe it.

“It simply came to our notice then.

Gary, a porter and Leslie, a nurse at Inverclid Royal Hospital, said the news was welcome after the devastating news about 65-year-old Margaret.

Leslie, 36, said: “My mother left with us two years ago after she was diagnosed with cancer. We were doing our best.

“This victory has been an inspiration to all of us – it has really given us such a lift during a difficult time.

“My mother is very happy and it gives us the opportunity to work as a family and make some special memories for Cena.

“We hope to fly to Disney as soon as we can. World In Florida it will be a once in a lifetime vacation for us and that money has made it possible.

“It’s really life-changing for us as a family.”

Gary was one of the 10 lucky lottery winners of Inverclyd who won nearly £ 400,000 last week.

As well as her six neighbors who took part in the Windfall, Lucky Postcode PA16 0QX emerged. There were also three families in Port Glasgow..

Gary added: “We are really lucky, this money will do a lot for us.

“This is our year.”

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