September 19, 2021

The greedy doctor who misdiagnosed children with cancer in order to intimidate parents into paying for private treatment.

A doctor who frightened parents into paying for private treatment by misdiagnosing their children’s cancer has been suspended.

Dr Meena Chaudhry, 45, cheated three different families to pay for scans and tests run by her company, Miras Healthcare.

Dr. Chaudhry has been suspended for nine months.


Dr. Chaudhry has been suspended for nine months.Credit: Mercury

He kept them away from free NHS treatment and refused to tell the families’ GP what treatment he had decided on.

Chaudhry was found guilty of abuse on Tuesday and suspended.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) panel concluded that his behavior was dishonest due to financial incentives.

The panel also found Chaudhry guilty of failing to provide “good clinical care” and creating a “sense of unnecessary concern without clinical justification”.

Chaudhry consulted three separate families over a six-month period in 2017, during which he told one family that his child had cancer in his leg and the NHS reference was “confused.”

He also told another family that high levels of “B cells” in their young child’s body could be caused by blood cancer or lymphoma.

Chaudhry, from Sterling, Scotland, told the same family that he knew of a place in London that would offer cancer treatment, without any clinical justification, and falsely claimed that he had not had an echocardiogram anywhere in Scotland. Gaya – a widely used type of heart – on children

The MPTS also found that it recommended a course of private treatment without any referral for NHS treatment that was “disproportionately expensive”.

Dr. Chaudhry’s actions were unfaithful to the standards of the common man.

Dr. William Junby.

Chaudhry tried again with another family, saying: “Now we are going to have a serious conversation.

“We’re going to talk about what all the parents are afraid of. We’re going to talk about a word.

He then advised parents to have several blood tests for their children, which cost 3 24,245, and should go to London for an MRI scan.

Lies about ‘C-WORD’

He also refused to write a letter confirming the care and treatment of these patients to their GP.

One of the children the doctor examined was only two and a half years old.

The baby’s mother, called Parent B, wanted a test for cystic fibrosis, but Chaudhry turned it into a “head spin” by raising other possible conditions, including blood cancer.

She described how it bothered her, and said she was shocked to learn that her two-year-old daughter could have blood cancer, telling Chaudhry it was a big shock.

Suspended for nine months

But according to the mother concerned, he was not very reassuring and in fact seemed quite realistic.

The child’s blood tests clearly returned, but parents B said Chaudhry’s misdiagnosis affected him for months.

Dr William Gunbey, who gave the evidence, said blood cancer in children was “unusually impossible”.

He added: “If Dr. Chaudhry had a risk of leukemia or lymphoma, I would expect him to talk to patient B or talk to the local NHS pediatric oncology service or refer him immediately.”

MPTS Chairman James Newton Price told the hearing: “After concluding that Dr. Chaudhry was diagnosed with cancer without adequate investigation or justification, he then recommended unnecessary private testing and investigation. In the case of Patient C, it was inevitable that Dr. Chaudhry’s actions were dishonest by the standards of the common man.

The tribunal found that Dr. Chaudhry’s financial incentives and dishonesty, as described above, amounted to disrespect during his professional practice.

The panel imposed a nine-month temporary suspension, and the tribunal will reconstitute it in January next year to make a formal decision on its registration.

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