October 17, 2021

The Glasgow Times has been awarded the prestigious Scottish Press Awards.

It was a night of headlines for the Glasgow Times as your newspaper picked up a series of awards at a prestigious awards ceremony.

Our reporter Jack Aitchison competed in Wednesday’s Scottish Press Awards to be named Young Journalist of the Year, while the Guy Hour OAPs selected a Shot Series as Local / Weekly Campaign of the Year. ۔

The campaign was led by reporter Maxine MacArthur. The last year has seen us fight to prioritize those who are most at risk. A new flow inside the city when the system ends. Health Board

Glasgow Times: Maxine MacArthur who led our winning campaign. Maxine MacArthur who led our winning campaign.

Elsewhere, Chief Reporter Katrina Stewart was nominated as a runner-up at the prestigious Nicola Berry Awards, which makes women’s journalism champions, while the Glasgow Times was a finalist in other hotly contested categories.

Glasgow Times: Kate Stewart was named runner-up at the Nicola Berry Awards. Kate Stewart was named runner-up at the Nicola Berry Awards.

It included excellent coverage of last year’s terrifying Park Inn stabbing event for a live event for our work on the ground. At the first scene, our team worked tirelessly day and night to provide you with eyewitness accounts and detailed feedback.

Glasgow Times:

We also ranked it in the last five for our news website, which has been the most successful year ever.

Multimedia reporter Jack Hogg lost the Local / Weekly Feature Writer of the Year – in the second row he was nominated for – while Graeme McGary also made it to the last five Sports Columnist of the Year.

Glasgow Times:

He was praised by the judges for his special investigation. Including revelations that dozens of glass violators were violating lockdown laws at the height of the epidemic in order to meet strangers for sex.Jack Aitchison said: “I’m so ashamed to win the award last night in this tough competition.

“Strong local journalism is more important than ever, and I’m proud of the impact it has had on my stories.

Glasgow Times:

“It’s an honor to be a journalist and I will always be grateful to my colleagues, mentors, contacts and family for their continued support.”

Maxine said: “I am delighted to receive this award from my outstanding team.

Glasgow Times:

“The success of our campaign made a difference to many of the city’s vulnerable people and proved how important local journalism is.”

Stacey Mullen, assistant editor of the Glasgow Times, said: “The Glasgow Times team has done an extraordinary job of getting a lot of nominations at this year’s awards and winning in such prestigious categories.

“Our success at the event is a testament to the fact that we continue to provide local news that is important to the people of Glasgow.

“Great work has been done with every member of our team.”

The annual Scottish Press Awards are hosted by the Scottish Newspaper Society. This year’s event was presented by broadcasting legend Jackie Bird.

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