October 18, 2021

The Glasgow taxi driver, who was caught with drugs in the car, claimed that the customers had left him.

A Glasgow taxi driver has been allowed to keep his license after he was caught with three types of drugs in his car after he accused customers of abandoning two of them and police arrested black people. Targeted

Mahmoud Abdul Ghadeer admitted to failing to stop red traffic lights in the city and seized cocaine, etizolam and cannabis in court on September 3.

Police Scotland Had objected to the renewal of his license and decided that he was not the right person to hold the license.

Appearing before the Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee, Abdul Jadir admitted that the cannabis belonged to him, but claimed that the passengers had given up cocaine and etizolam.

After appearing before the licensing and regulatory committee this week, Mr Abdul Gaddafi was allowed to hold his private rental license for one year with a stern warning.

The father of four said: “I made a mistake. The police stopped me – I see racial profiling there.

He told the committee that police were “targeting black people” but was told that Convenor Alex Wilson had raised the issue with Police Scotland.

Commenting further on the incident when it was stopped on July 26, 2020, Mr Abdul Ghadeer said: “It happened during Corona time in special circumstances.”

He told councilors he was living in his car after leaving his home.

The committee heard that the amount of illegal substances was on the amount of personal use – and not on the dealing level. Mr Abdul Gaddar, who has been a licensed driver for three years, admitted that he was taking cannabis but not other substances.

Councilor Wilson asked Mr Abdul Jadir why he had cocaine and etizolam if he only took cannabis.

He replied: “I’m a taxi driver – people throw them there. You find them under the seat. I never took them.”

Councilor Wilson said: “You have confessed to driving under the influence of cannabis. It is a crime.”

Councilor Gary Gray said: “I don’t buy your story for a second that it was left in the car by a customer. I’m exempt from trying to insult the committee’s intelligence. The culprits have been identified. ”

Mr Abdul Qadir said: “I am telling the truth whether you accuse me or not.”

Explaining his financial responsibilities, he said: “I am a father of four. I am a breadwinner. It has happened once and will never happen again. If you can give me a chance.”

He told the committee that he was now living at home with his wife.

Councilor Wilson said: “You are very concerned about this committee because you were carrying drugs in your car and you confessed to having drugs in your car.”

The councilors decided to grant the license for a limited period of one year and issued a warning regarding the applicant’s future conduct. Councilor Elspeth Kerr disagreed.

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