September 20, 2021

The Glasgow SNPMSP expressed concern when NHS records mistakenly stated that it had only one jug.

A city MSP has raised concerns about the rollout of a vaccine passport when NHS records incorrectly stated that it was given only one corona virus instead of two.

John Mason, who represents the Glasgow Shettelston, questioned the strength of the NHS record during a meeting of Hollywood’s Cowed 19 Recovery Committee.

This comes as Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced plans later this month to introduce vaccine passports for nightclubs and big events.

Mr Mason said it would depend on “strong” basic information within the NHS system.

He said: “I have circles that are contacting me that had a jug. Scotland And maybe in England or Germany or any other country – so they have a problem.

“And I kept both of my jugs at Easter House in Glasgow myself, but the NHS system says I only had one jug, so I can’t get a certificate.

Glasgow Times: First Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The NHS in Glasgow said it was a national issue, not just a local one.

“So how strong are our records?”

In response, Deputy First Minister and Cowed Recovery Secretary John Sweeney said more than 4 million people in Scotland had been vaccinated.

“I am confident that the vaccine record will be strong and robust for the vast majority of these people,” he said.

“I think I have to accept that because of what John Mason has just set before me, there will be instances where there are problems with the accuracy of the information.

“Any suspected error in a person’s covid vaccination record should be reported to the National Helpline.”

Mr. Sweeney said quality. Health The record in Scotland is generally “very strong”.

But he acknowledged that “there will be limited cases where this information is not completely complete”.

Mr Mason said he would keep calling the NHS number, as I had been.

Under Ms. Sturgeon’s plans, at the end of this month, nightclubs and adult entertainment venues, no indoor live events with more than 500 people, no outdoor live events for more than 4,000 people and no more than 10,000 people. Certificates will also be introduced for the event.

Extensive hospitality, such as pubs and bars, will not be affected. However, this will be reviewed.

Children and people with special medical conditions will also be exempt.

MSPs will vote on the move next week.

From tomorrow, Scots will be able to use a PDF copy of their vaccine certificate, along with a personal QR code, to print instantly or store it on their mobile phone locally or internationally.

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