September 18, 2021

The Glasgow Science Center recognizes sustainability efforts.

The GLASGOW Museum has received an honorary certificate of gold in recognition of its sustainable initiatives.

The Glasgow Science Center has been awarded the Gold Award by the Green Tourism Organization, which audits organizations’ environmental practices.

The Green Tourism Awards are internationally recognized, and the museum’s latest award proves the city’s certification as a green events destination before UN COP 26 in November.

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“We are proud of the achievements we have made so far in making the Glasgow Science Center more sustainable and working toward zero-zero carbon emissions by 2030,” said Stephen Breslin, Chief Executive of the Glasgow Science Center.

“We will continue to work with Green Tourism to continuously improve our environmental credentials, whether it is about how we are using the resources, making it easier for people to visit us or the new center. Increases biodiversity around our center.

“We want to contribute to Glasgow’s reputation as a sustainable, green-minded city, and that’s part of it.”

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The Green Tourism Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards are given to tourism organizations that are working to become more sustainable.

They are considered to be the hallmark of green quality and e-command makes places and locations more attractive to visitors.

More information on the Glasgow Science Center’s Sustainable Vision can be found here. Here.

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