September 20, 2021

The Glasgow Royal Infirmary needs volunteers during the code.

An important service to keep your loved ones connected during the coveted has been reintroduced to a city hospital.

And the Go & Go service now needs volunteers to take essential items to patients. Corona virus Restrictions are back in place.

Necessary visits to the old Nightingale Wards of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary have been reintroduced, with open accommodation for patients.

The layout of these wards means that the separation of patients and their visitors is more difficult and it is more difficult to observe social distance and other mitigation against covid.

Go & Go is an important lifeline that provides visitors with a place where they can leave fresh clothes or other essential personal items for their loved ones in the wards.

The service, entirely voluntary, was a great success during previous epidemics.

Now that many other restrictions have been lifted, the service has called for more volunteers to join the team.

Louis Colcon, manager of volunteer services at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “While we are saddened to see some restrictions on re-opening the hospital at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, we are glad that our volunteers are ready again. And take steps to provide a lifeline connection for their loved ones.

“We are still working to recruit more volunteers to join the team and we welcome applications from retiring, friendly people who want to help others in difficult and unprecedented times.

“You only need to do three hours a week and you will be warmly welcomed to our GRI and GO family at GRI.”

Volunteers work Monday through Friday afternoons and 5pm.

For those who want to help in this endeavor, visit:

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