September 18, 2021

The Glasgow landlord refused a license for failing to keep a fire safety record.

A Glasgow landlord who was ordered to redecorate rooms and failed to keep a fire safety alarm record was denied permission.

Glasgow City Council Inspectors found a broken bath and a broken cooker ignition switch on 51 Grant Street in Hillhead last year.

The Licensing and Regulatory Committee heard this week that four students had moved into the property two weeks ago.

Fire Officer Kevin Murphy said an inspection showed that there had been no “maintenance record” for a fire alarm system or emergency lighting since 2016.

He indicated that the self-closing door would not close.

He said: “As far as we are concerned, the premises are unsatisfactory. To date, we have not been able to get any contact from the representative.

Dean Ahmed spoke on behalf of license holder Khurshid Begum during the meeting.

Despite Mr. Ahmed’s insistence, the councilors refused to grant the house in multiple occupancy licenses.

Mr Ahmed claimed that all necessary certifications had been sent to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and that the issues had been resolved.

Describing the situation as “alarming”, committee chair counsel Alex Wilson said: “The fire in this city has killed many people.”

Councilor David Turner said: “You have kept the students there without fire. It’s just not acceptable.”

Commenting on the bath crack, Mr Ahmed said: “The bath was not used – just the shower. It was a hairline crack. It was replaced.”

Mr Ahmed told councilors that a new cooker had also been installed and there were plans to redecorate the residence.

There was no discussion in the meeting as to whether the students who lived in the property would now have to relocate.

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