October 17, 2021

The Glasgow-based cancer scientist has appealed for support for the Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

A Glasgow cancer scientist is hoping it will affect people. Scotland Support standing up to cancer.

Professor Sarah Zenwan is supporting Cancer Research UK and Channel 4’s joint fundraising campaign and is reaching new heights with her aerial performance troupe, the Spinal Cord.

He hopes this will encourage the Scots to join the campaign event on October 15 to be sponsored to stand all day, or to help raise money for life-saving research.

Glasgow Times: [Photo: Steve Welsh] [Photo: Steve Welsh]

Participants can choose how and where to participate, whether on one leg, on two legs, on their head, with a walking stick, or by wheelchair every half hour using a wheelchair.

The campaign will end overnight. Television On Channel 4 on Friday.

Glasgow Times: [Photo: Steve Welsh] [Photo: Steve Welsh]

At the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research UK in Glasgow, Sarah and her team study how tumors form building blocks for extracellular matrix.

“Cancer cells work together with their tiny helpers to build structures that help the tumor to fight off attacks from the immune system,” said Sarah.

“The extracellular matrix builds a support network around the tumor, allowing it to get all the things it needs to survive and then plan where to take a stand.

“My goal is to find out how we can cut this molecular support network and prevent cancer from taking a stand.

Sarah’s team has made some important revelations about how the building blocks of these support structures are built and recycled thanks to Stand Up to Cancer funding.

With this information, she is working to develop new treatments.

“Standing up to cancer has been invaluable to my work,” said Sarah.

“We are now in a position where we can test for drugs that can destroy the supporting structures that allow cancer to flourish.

“Thanks to the generosity of the people, new targeted cancer treatments are on the horizon.”

He added: “I am committed to helping as many people as possible to avoid cancer. Epidemics have taken a heavy toll on charities, making it more important for everyone to do so than ever before.” What can he do

“Sponsoring to stand up for a day is such an easy way to show support and solidarity for research. Therefore, I hope that people in Scotland will stand on their own two feet and stand up for research. Will save lives. ”

Graeme Sanden, spokesman for Cancer Research UK for Scotland, said: “One in two of us will have cancer in our lifetime, but we can all play our part in overcoming it.

“That’s why we’re standing up on Friday, October 15, telling everyone to avoid cancer. It’s really that easy.

“The challenge itself can be much more difficult, but it’s not hard to imagine the difference it could make.

“The money raised will go directly to our life-saving research, which will help tireless scientists like Sarah cope with their endurance work to develop continuous tests and treatments for those who need it.” They need it the most.

“If we all stand together, we can save lives.”

Anyone who can’t participate on October 15 can choose another date or fundraiser in their own way.

Free fundraising kits are available for support. Here.

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