October 27, 2021

The French prime minister says bilateral agreements with Britain over a fishing dispute are in jeopardy.


France on Tuesday called for stronger action in the EU’s post-Brexit fishing license dispute with Britain, saying bilateral co-operation between London and Paris could also be jeopardized.

Prime Minister Jean Castex. He told French lawmakers in the National Assembly that the United Kingdom was not living up to its promises on fisheries. Bridget. Agreement with the European Union

“The UK does not respect its signature. Months later, the UK introduces new terms and delays the issuance of the final license. […] It can’t be tolerated, “said Costax.

The Prime Minister said that he had asked the European Commission to take a strong stand on the issue and if it does not work, we will go. [Brexit deal] To get the arbitration panel British Keep their word And, more broadly, we will question all the terms of implementation of agreements with the EU and, if necessary, our bilateral cooperation with the UK.

France condemns UK’s ‘unacceptable’ decision to deny French boating fishing licenses

Cut off power to the Channel Islands?

Tensions between London and Paris have been rising since the Brexit, with Paris warning that it could reduce the supply of electricity to the British Isles of the Channel Islands.

The UK has. Refusal to issue all fishing licenses French boats demanded it as part of a post-Brexit agreement, which angered Paris and upset fishermen for their livelihood.

A series of statements from Paris indicated that French patience was running out on the issue, as bilateral differences on many issues seemed out of control.

European Affairs Minister Clement Beyonc ی told Europe 1 broadcaster that France would not stand up for it.

“For example, you can imagine the Channel Islands, where the UK depends on us for its energy supply,” Beyonc said.

The Channel Islands are close to Jersey and Guernsey France, which supplies them with electricity.

‘They think they can live on their own’

Fishing rights for EU boats in British waters were a major obstacle to negotiations for a post-Bridget trade agreement between London and Brussels after the withdrawal from the British bloc on 1 January 2021.

The controversy erupted in May when a flotilla of about 50 French trawlers gathered in front of the port of St. Hillier in Jersey, an autonomous region whose allies depend on Britain for their defense.

The protests sparked tensions that also engulfed French and British warships.

Since then, French fishermen have applied for new access licenses but complain of the rigorous paperwork and the need to fish in British and Jersey waters before Brexit, especially for small boats. It is not an easy task.

“We have clear limits of patience. We’ve talked calmly and well for nine months, that’s enough,” Beyonc said.

He added: “They think they can live on their own and go beyond that and invade Europe. And because it is not working, they increase the stakes and become aggressive.

(France24, AFP, with Reuters)


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