October 18, 2021

The French Parents Association’s attempt to restrict access to pornographic sites has been thwarted.


A French court on Friday rejected a claim by two children’s associations citing a legal technique aimed at tightening access to the world’s largest pornographic websites.

Through their complaints against France’s leading telecom firms, the groups hoped to block or further restrict children’s access to top porn sites, including PornHub and Xvideos.

Legal technical.

But according to the country’s telecom trade body, the judge rejected the claim because the court could not hear the arguments of the site’s publishers.

“Unfortunately it was a waste of time because we cannot deny that there is a problem,” Michel Combot, managing director of the French Telecommunications Federation, told Reuters.

He said children’s associations could approach the French media watchdog to prevent illegal access to the sites, and that operators would do so at the behest of a judge.

“As a network supplier, Orange is neutral and intends to remain so,” added a spokesman for Orange, which has faced claims along with Free, SFR and Boeing Telecom.

Orange added that it has offered tools such as parental controls to limit children’s access to online pornography.

‘Not completely lost’

“This is not a completely lost battle,” added Samuel Campbells of e-Infans, one of the children’s associations, adding that she is now looking at other ways to restrict access to the sites.

He said current verification standards – marking a box indicating the user is over 18 – make the website much easier for children to access. Phil added that host domains internationally have made it more difficult to enforce existing laws.

Last June, according to market research firm Statista, both PornHub and XVideo were among the world’s most-visited websites, counting 7.3 billion shared monthly visits – from Instagram, Amazon or Twitter. Much more

The porn hub has come under fire for allegedly failing to remove child abuse and sexual abuse images and videos from the site.

PornHub, Red Tube and UPoorn – all sites claimed in the lawsuit are owned by Luxembourg-based company Mindgack.


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