October 18, 2021

The French Greens have nominated Yankee Jadoot for the 2022 presidential election.


Green voters on Tuesday elected Greenpeace activist Yankee Judot as their candidate for the April 2022 French presidential election.

Magic With a narrow margin of votes, 51.93 percent voted for the self-styled fundamentalist Sandren Rousseau.

The 54-year-old is wanted by EU lawmakers. France To devote 20 billion euros (.4 23.43 billion) each year to the transition to a more environmentally friendly economy, to end animal husbandry and to establish a new wealth tax.

Born in a village in northern France, Jadot worked for NGOs in Burkina Faso and Bangladesh for a few years before returning home quickly to become involved in politics, while leading a number of environmental NGOs. Do, including the French branch Green peace.

French spinach. His German counterparts lack firepower and no referendum sees magic as a serious challenge to President Emmanuel Macron.

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But the question is whether the self-styled consensus maker, who wants to alienate voters from the small Greens party, could emerge as the leader of the French left – weighing in on this election and beyond and the political debate. Can put



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