September 22, 2021

The French government has received thousands of complaints about its handling of the crisis.


The French court of justice has received “thousands of complaints” against government ministers over alleged mismanagement of the Code 19 epidemic, the Attorney General of the Court of Cassin said on Sunday.

In May last year, a French family who lost loved ones to the corona virus questioned the government’s legal responsibility in court.

63 complaints have been filed against officials, including former Prime Minister Edward Philippe and Health Minister Oliver Vieran, for failing to protect the public.

A French senator representing the French people abroad told the RFI at the time that complaints would be raised. And they have.

Attorney General Francois Mullins said there were thousands of complaints. Interview with LCI Television on Sunday.

He said that this is a new trend, certainly due to the development of communication methods and the Internet, which affects the court of the Republic.

Court of Justice of the Republic (CJRIt is the only court that has the power to prosecute and decide crimes committed by the Prime Minister, Ministers and Secretaries of State “in the exercise of their duties”.

The plaintiffs in this case are individuals, doctors, unions and labor organizations, all of whom claim that the government has been negligent in dealing with the health crisis.

The CJR now has to check whether their complaints are admissible.

Endangering life

Since July 2020, the CJR has been investigating former Prime Minister Edward Philippe, former Health Minister Agnes Bozin and his successor Oliver Veeran for managing the epidemic.

They face potential charges of murder, endangering life, causing unnecessary injury, failing to help someone in danger and failing to take timely action to control the epidemic.

In March this year, a gathering of teachers filed a “life-threatening” complaint against Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker.

In November 2020, the CJR rejected a complaint by an association of victims of Cove 19 against the Prime Minister. Jean Castex..

A controversial short.

The CJR, a political and judicial court, has come under fire.

Official search of offices and homes in October 2020. Olivier Desert. And Edward Philip reacted strongly.

Incumbent Justice Minister Eric Dupont Moriti, who has Also investigated by CJR., Is among those who have more than the powers of the court.

When, in July, the court launched an investigation into the “failure to deal with the disaster,” some insisted it was hampering the handling of the crisis.

But Mullens said the court was carrying out alleged crimes committed by ministers while carrying out its duties, which it was designed to do, even if it was part of political policy.

However, he acknowledged that there could be fundamental problems.

“CJR reform plans are underway,” he said.

In April 2020, President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged. During a televised speech That the country was not properly prepared for epidemics and that the government had made mistakes, especially in distributing masks and protective clothing to health workers.

As head of state of France, Macron. Gets immunity from prosecution.


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