October 27, 2021

The former Scottish squad fired Prince Harry’s Invictus Games fans after forcing them into prostitution.

A Seiko veteran was expelled from Prince Harry’s Invictus Games when he appeared as a rapist.

Ethan Cruz, 39, of Glasgow, forced two women into pornography against his will.

Ethan Cruz is behind bars after being exposed as a rapist.


Ethan Cruz is behind bars after being exposed as a rapist.
The former Scots squad has been dropped from Prince Harry's Invictus Games.


The former Scots squad has been dropped from Prince Harry’s Invictus Games.

The former Army personnel trainer was jailed today for his crimes – four years after the 2017 event was banned in Toronto.

Cruz used violence and intimidation to force two victims into CD webcam shows at his flat in Glasgow city center – which the court called a “place of sexual exploitation.”

One was eventually forced into prostitution, having sex with 15 strangers daily as part of a horror campaign, while Cruz received cash.

He attacked women, blackmailed them, and boasted of his seemingly “special” military skills so that they could do whatever they wanted.

Glasgow High Court heard the case in which Cruz is behind bars after being found guilty.

He was found guilty of deliberately engaging in sexual activity with both women without permission.

Cruz was convicted of two counts of endangering his life, as well as two counts of intimidation and abuse.

The crimes took place between September 2014 and August 2016.

Cruz met the first victim on a dating site. She was a university student at the time.

He soon fell victim to violent hands, including a trip to Lake District and a holiday at Caravan Park in Ayrshire.

Cruz complained to the woman that she was showing herself online for money. He refused – but he soon falsified laptops and cameras on his flat on Glasgow’s Renfield Street.

Priyo, who forced her to buy skim clothes, ordered her: “Sit there and look beautiful” – humiliate yourself for “paying customers” on a regular web with the woman.

The victim – who was cut off from family and friends – said: “I felt I had no choice. I was trying to survive. I didn’t want any trouble.”

As soon as the police started the investigation, they sexually abused a woman on the way to Kirkentiloch Canal.

If he didn’t say so, Burley Cruz attacked him, including by suffocation. He also controlled any money and bank accounts.

The woman finally escaped her clutches when a friend urged her to go to the police.

By this time, Cruz was meeting another victim – a successful professional – whom he also met online.

But Cruz soon took control and took advantage of it through CD webcam shows.

The court heard that if she protested, she would suffer “terrible outbursts of anger.”

In addition to the physical assault, Cruz threatened his parents, grandmother and even the family dog.

A vile message warned: “Never dance with the devil.”

Another said his father would soon see his “people in action”.

The woman was eventually made to travel within the UK to earn cash with 10 to 15 men a day.

When he complained, Cruz told him: “You’re a f *** ed. Just wait, you’re selfish ***.”

A 14-year-old schoolgirl made a vicious attack in the forest of Er.

He also threatened to stay in “psycho mode”.

In their evidence, the city’s Crown Hill Cruise refused to force or blackmail women.

He thought the victim might be “attracted” to the money he earned from sex work, which is thought to include pornography.

Cruz claimed to have seen him regularly staying in expensive suites at the Dorchester Hotel in London, paid for by customers with trips to Monaco.

Prosecutor Paul Kearney told them: “So your position is that these two women decide to join this work for some reason after meeting you?”

Cruz: “Yes.”

Mr Kearney: “They both ended up talking to you at a police station about beautiful hell time.”

He replied: “That is what they say.”

If the cruise was OK, the woman quit her career, “traveling the country voluntarily and having sex with 15 strangers a day,” the deputy advocate said.

Mr Kearney later told the judges that Cruz’s claims were “absolutely mind boggling”.

A Rangers fan, 18, was arrested for chanting “racist famine song” before marrying Celtic 9.

Cruz appeared in court for the first time in 2016 before making his planned appearance at the Invictus Games.

A 2017 hearing heard how an Army veteran suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome, which he saw in the military.

It follows after today’s verdict that Cruz was previously the subject of a restraining order to charge the battery in a Surrey court.

Cruz – who appeared in a wheelchair during the trial – was taken into custody by Judge Lord Summers after being sentenced next month.

He was one of the 90 rivals on the 2017 UK Invictus team to be welcomed by Prince Harry – who sponsors the Paralympic-style event.

Harry joked with the group in May this year: “It doesn’t matter if you finish first or smoke your ***.

“That’s what you got to get there.”

Performance coach Cruz is believed to have competed primarily in cycling competitions. He served as a physical training instructor in the British Army from 1997-2014.

The Invictus Games were set up by Prince Harry in 2014, with countries joining teams of wounded, wounded or sick armed service personnel.

The convicted child sex offender was caught buying CCTV footage before raping and killing two ten-year-old female students.

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