October 22, 2021

The former Red Bull driver questioned the team’s title credentials, with Mercedes calling them favorites.

Mark Weber has no doubt that Mercedes currently has a slight advantage over Red Bull Racing in the 2021 Formula 1 title race. The Australian is unsure whether his former teammate Max Werstapen is providing the campaign needed to close out the title in the last six races of the campaign.

The Dutch racer competed in the Drivers’ Championship in Austin on October 24, six points behind Lewis Hamilton, but recent races have shown that Mercedes is now ahead in terms of race speed. Worstapen has been lucky in the last two races of Sochi and Istanbul, finishing second with 36 points.

Silver Arrows has shown better speed in both races by taking a comfortable position in front of the Red Bull car. In addition, Weber lost the ability to explain the dominant Botas demonstration in Turkey, which saw Versatapin second from Mercedes 15 seconds away.

“Voltaire removed a great Grand Prix from the front,” Webster said. As referenced on the GP blog. “I think my little worries are behind the Red Bull. Are they giving Max a car to close this championship?”

“I would have wasted a lot of money on Voltaire measuring Max in these conditions. I thought Verstapen would run around him all day, but he couldn’t react to Voltaire’s speed.”

“So it was just interesting in terms of performance, dry and wet, and I think the Red Bulls know they need to react to Merck’s pace now,” he added.

Mercedes introduced a new power unit in Botas’ car in Russia and did the same with Hamilton’s car in the Turkish Grand Prix. Christian Horner questioned the legality of the new power unit. And it is believed that it has given a quick advantage to their rivals, especially on straight lines.

The FIA ​​has legalized the new Mercedes Punjab University, and Weber feels he will have to react if the Red Bull is to survive the championship in the final six races. The Australian racer, who was part of the Red Bull when he last won the title in 2013, feels that Mercedes has the momentum to move to a key part of the championship.

“I think you have to think right now that Merck has an advantage,” Weber said. “So I think they’re starting to get a little bit of spring in their place at this important point in the championship.”

Max Versatapen.
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was the winner in Austria last year.
William West / AFP

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