September 22, 2021

The former Gunner criticized the head of Arsenal transfer, predicting the results of the season after spending 145 million euros.

After a poor start to the 2021-22 campaign, Arsenal are fast becoming a mockery of English football. Despite being the highest spender in England, he was also worried about the transfer market. Former Gunners midfielder Paul Merson has criticized technical director Edu Gaspar and believes he could have done better.

Mikel Arteta’s side are currently at the bottom of the Premier League after three straight losses in the first three fixtures of the new campaign. The Gunners suffered a setback from Brent Ford in the opening game and then beat Chelsea 2-0 and champions Manchester City 5-0.

The North London club have spent 14 5,145 million this summer and have signed five first-team players. However, the club seems to have changed its strategy and signed young players with scope for development rather than ready-made stars that could help them win the game.

Mersen criticized Edo for failing to attract the right players, claiming that if Arsenal did not win all their upcoming games by the next international break in October, Arteta’s job would be in jeopardy. ۔

“Tell me what I can do better. [than Edu]. I’ll tell you now, I can do both. [Soccer Saturday and Director of Football]If you are successful, you play on Sundays, not on Saturdays at 3 p.m. ” Mersen said on Sky Sports.

“I think their season starts when they come back from an international break. There is no doubt that the upcoming fixtures are worth winning games, or they will have to win. “

“Michael Arteta will have an international match in October, he will be under pressure if he doesn’t do something,” he added.

In Arsenal’s defense, the club has been plagued by the Corona virus epidemic since the start of the season, with veteran stars Alexander Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Obimiang not fully fit for early sports. Even Ben White, a new signer for 50 million, signed a virus deal and lost the game against City.

Despite the new arrival, Mersen does not expect Arsenal to fight for European places this season. The former gunner is believed to be the 10th best North London club can achieve.

“If they come in fifth or sixth, I think they’re pulling trees, 10th is right,” Merson said.

Michael Artita.
Michel Arteta is looking for answers at Arsenal.
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