September 20, 2021

The former Barcelona player feels the way the club sold him this summer.

It was a strange summer for Emerson Royal, who joined FC Barcelona at the start of the transfer window, but was sent to Tottenham Hotspur on the last day. Emerson was looking forward to establishing himself in the Barcelona squad this season, and admitted that he and his family were shocked by the last-minute change.

Barcelona bought the 22-year-old right-back from a co-ownership deal with Real Betis, and he had already trained for BlueGrana earlier this season. In an interview with a Spanish publication. Brand, He talked about being injured by the club that he wanted to join as a child.

Since he arrived at Camp Nine, Emerson had the impression that he would stay. Co-captain Sergio Biscuits continued to guide and help adjust his style of play to the squad, but the legend did not last long. Despite the start against Getafe last Sunday, Emerson was summoned by club executives and told he would have to be sold due to financial constraints.