September 19, 2021

The Ferrari duo Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sans are the best on the grid

Ferrari’s nightmare of 2020 is now a thing of the past as the Italian team is reviving in 2021. Scuderia is battling McLaren for third place in the Constructors’ Championship and has enjoyed off-field fights in the first half of the season. .

Ferrari team principal Matthias Benito believes the rebirth is due to the team’s new driver duo, which he believes is the best on the grid. Carlos Sanz came from McLaren in 2021 and formed a strong partnership with Charles Lakerlick.

Ferrari finished sixth in the Constructors’ Championship last season with 131 points. The Maranello team has already eclipsed that total in the first 11 races in 2021, and is currently third with 163 points.

Benoit’s claim to be a strong pair of drivers has been supported by both Ferrari drivers who have been earning strong points this season. After a strong run in recent races, the Senses are now three points ahead of Leclerc with 83 after 11 races.

“We have the best lineup on the Ferrari grid. Carlos is well integrated within the team and is improving himself in every race. He provides a great reference frame for Charles, who said Really pushed to the limit. ” As referred to by Guy Me Sport.

“They both now have 80 points in the title race, which is just to show how important it is to have two scoring drivers in the title race. We will have a lot of fun with these two guys in the future. That’s why. We have recruited Sans. “

Sans and Leclerc are currently sixth and seventh in the Drivers’ Championship, respectively. They are behind two Mercedes and Red Bull drivers and McLaren’s Lando Norse. However, if Ferrari becomes a title contender in 2022, the consistency of their two drivers could be a great challenge for them not only for the team title but also for the drivers’ championship.

Charles Leclerc.
Charles Leclerc won the Italian GP a week after his first F1 victory.
Andrzej Isakov / AFP

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