September 18, 2021

The father allegedly cut the children’s throats and drank poison with his wife in a suicide pact.

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a couple allegedly ate poison on Saturday, before the man slit the throats of their two children, apparently killing two members of the family in a suicide pact.

The couple was identified by Ravi Thackeray and his wife Ranjana Thackeray before the husband used a floor tile cutter to cut the throats of his 16-year-old son Chirag and 14-year-old daughter Ganjan. The incident took place when the two children were sleeping at the family’s Sahara State Colony home in Bhopal. Times of India Is informed.

The son died on the spot, but the electric tile cutter allegedly broke because it was being used on a gun. His 56-year-old father died shortly afterwards.

The woman went outside and told a neighbor about the incident, and the neighbor reported it to authorities. Ranjana and her daughter were rushed to Hamidia Hospital in critical condition, where they are being treated.

Assistant Superintendent Rajesh Bhadoria said the woman told police that she and her husband drank poison around 2am on Saturday morning.

Superintendent Sai Krishna S. Thota said, “It is suspected that the man and his wife fed their children something which caused them to fall asleep while they were choking.”

There were reportedly blood stains on all walls and floors at the scene.

According to Thora, Masrood police later recovered a four-page suicide note written by the father of a civil engineering graduate, claiming that he had been unemployed for the past three months and that the family was going through a financial crisis.

The family reportedly has an outstanding balance of more than Rs 1 million (13 13,600) that they took out in 2012 to buy a home.

The note also states that the children’s school fees have not been paid in the last two years. According to the report, Chirag and Ganjan were students of 11th and 8th classes respectively.

Ravi allegedly decided to kill his children because he feared they would not have a good future after their deaths.

Police recovered a 0.5-liter pesticide bottle as well as a floor tile cutter from the scene.

Tile cutter
Representation A man by the name of Ravi Thackeray allegedly used a floor tile cutting machine to cut the throats of his children. Photo: Pixabay

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