October 25, 2021

The family of the famous Nelston red pop man who died of the corona virus honors him in the fundraiser.

The family of a famous red pop man who died of cowardice is once again celebrating their life by hosting a gathering with the help of a head charity.

Robert Fox’s son, two daughters and daughter-in-law organized a Halloween disco in memory of the Nelston man of birth and descent, who died on February 12 at the age of 73.

He decided to hold a party, which would be attended by about 100 people, as the fun-loving grandfather enjoyed dressing up for the occasion.

Glasgow Times:

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, the sale at the Craft Head Bowling Club, where Robert used to socialize, will allow those who knew and loved him to say goodbye.

The family is soliciting donations for the party riots, its income and their online fundraising page is aimed at the Included Me2 Club (IM2C), which provides additional support to children, youth and adults in need and Helps people with disabilities.

“My father died in the middle of the cove, so we could only stay 20 in the chapel and only 30 in the cemetery,” his son, Robert, told Bear Head News, referring to our sister.

“Now we have decided to do something as a family where people can say goodbye, remember stories and share.

“He had a great party. He loved singing and Halloween. He loved to dress up and he wore masks to treat children.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Hopefully this is a success and we can be proud of it. We want to maximize the honor of being one of the real good guys in life.”

Glasgow Times:

After retiring as a senior supervisor in the East Refreshire Council’s sanitation department, Robert spent the last decade of his life helping children across the street near Nelston Primary and the Madras Family Center.

He also evoked great enthusiasm among the students through his special visits to the school and at St. Thomas Primary School dressed as Santa Claus at Christmas time.

Robert, 50, added: “We chose IM2C because it was local and my father’s best way to deal with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

“The charity provides an excellent service for a variety of children with disabilities within the community, which I know makes a big difference in their lives.”

An IM2C spokesperson said: “We are very grateful to the family for choosing us to raise money in Robert’s memory. As a red pop man, he was involved in the community and whatever funds Collected, it will go back to the children of our community.

“It’s an honor to be associated with Robert’s memory in this way.”

To donate, visit. gofund.me/6cfe0269. Anyone wishing to give away raffle prizes should send an email to [email protected]

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