October 21, 2021

The European Union will today propose concessions to the Northern Ireland Protocol

Bridget: EU to propose concessions for Northern Ireland protocol today - Surger UK
Bridget: The European Union will today propose concessions to the Northern Ireland Protocol

The European Union (EU) will propose concessions designed to ease the long stalemate over the Bridgett agreement, with the offer to significantly increase border checks on British goods entering Northern Ireland on cards. Be reduced

The proposal follows comments from Briggs’ minister, Lord Frost, who warned the European Union that it would be a “historic misunderstanding” not to rewrite the agreement in light of recent events..

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Frost was accused of creating tensions when he accused the European Union of being “disrespectful” and trying to overturn the referendum results. The ministers have been vocal about rewriting the protocol in order to remove the barriers that have led to political tensions between Britain and the European Union in recent months.

Sources close to Brussels believe the EU will offer up to 50 per cent discount on border checks after the Brexit on goods entering mainland Ireland from the UK, while more than half will be on cold meat and vegetables.

European Commission Vice-President Marus Seifkov, who was called to speak at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, said the measures would be “very far-reaching” and would reduce the supply of agricultural food and medicine. Conflicts with movement will deal with conflicts. Across the Irish Sea

However, the EU has maintained that the concessions stem from negotiations with businesses on both sides of the Irish border and not necessarily due to frostbite.

Sources also claim that the EU will ask the UK for more data to allow more goods to be uncensored in Northern Ireland to allow the province to monitor products entering the EU’s single market. ۔.

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“We have moved beyond the external boundaries of what member countries, especially France, will wear,” said a Brussels source. Free. “These suggestions are a reasonable basis for further discussion, not an offer to take or leave.”
“By discussing Mr Sefkovich with France and other interested parties, the EU will try to save itself with a Plan B if the UK continues to push for Article 16. If he is not satisfied with the concessions he has received, the European bloc

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