October 22, 2021

The EU offers 80 Con concessions, but Johnson can still run.

Bridget Britain seems to have won a long political stand with the European Union as the European bloc has now accepted 80 per cent of Britain’s demands..

However, Dominic Cummings, a former aide to the prime minister, warned that Boris Johnson could “roll the dice” on the talks.

Although Bridget’s minister, Lord Frost, has made big concessions to Britain, Cummings, who served as prime minister’s strategist, warned that Johnson and the European Research Group could push for more concessions. Will

“A lot of criticism from people who have never achieved or created anything for David Frost, who have to handle negotiations and know that the Prime Minister can do it and get out at any moment,” he said. And with ERG nonsense. ” To bring the European Union into the cave.

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