October 17, 2021

The East Kill Bride and Bear Head Electrification Project got the green light.

A rail electrification program with a major thoroughfare near the city has been rolled out early next year to decarbonate Scotland’s railway network.

This scheme has been developed by Transport. Scotland And the network includes the East Kill Bride and Bearhead corridors, passing through Rail, East Ranbreshire and South Lanarkshire.

Work on the مل 63 million Bear Head Corridor will begin in April 2022 and be completed by December 2023.

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Transport Scotland said the East Kill Bride section had been approved for single-track electrification infrastructure but that more development work was needed.

Transport Minister Graeme Day said: “I am pleased that full electrification of the Glasgow to Beerhead railway line is expected to begin early next year, as this will make a significant difference in future passenger and freight services.

“The delivery of the East Kill Bride and Beer Head Electrification Project will not only ensure the de-carbonization of the two main corridors on this strategic network, but also allow passengers to have access to utilities and minimize disruption during this period.” Will

It will also help in the delivery of our Rail Decarbonization Action Plan, which will remove all diesel on passenger services by 2035 through the deployment of existing rolling stock.

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Rail owners say projects will move forward between “significant financial challenges” and “uncertain future demands”.

However, he says progress with single-track work will allow funds to be redistributed to other decarbonization projects, such as Borders Electrification.

Katie Wolbracht of Network Rail Scotland said: “The East Kill Bride and Bear Head Electrification Project is at the heart of our plans to de-carbonate domestic passenger services by 2035.

“The project will provide passengers with a choice of high quality public transport, introducing green, more reliable electric trains with better stations and passenger facilities on both routes.

“We are working with the government and our industry partners to ensure that we are delivering the best value for taxpayers’ money and meeting the changing needs of our customers.”

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