September 18, 2021

The East End Scarlet Butcher has a nefarious plan to predict Kate and Tommy’s fans.

Fans of Estrenders have predicted a major turning point behind the return of Scarlett Butcher.

Tommy ran to meet his ‘cousin’ Scarlett last week after talking online.

East End fans could not believe that Scarlett's action was real.
East End fans could not believe that Scarlett’s action was real.
Viewers believe that Scarlett's mother, Janine, is pulling the butcher's strings.


Viewers believe that Scarlett’s mother, Janine, is pulling the butcher’s strings.Credit: 3.

Scarlett revealed that she was living in various foster homes when her mother, Jenin Bacher, abandoned her.

Kate later revealed to Whitney that she had hidden the fact that Scarlett was actually Tommy’s half-sister because they were with the same father, the late Michael Moon.

However, in order for Jenin to return and wreak havoc in the coming weeks, viewers believe that the villain did not leave Scarlett – and that she is using her daughter to deceive Kate.

One fan tweeted: “I’m pretty sure the caregiving thing is a hoax cooked by Jenin. She never leaves it to bounce around the care system, especially her own chaotic one.” Childhood. # EastEnders “

Another added: “First of all, what are the impressions of the new Scarlett Butcher following her debut film tonight? I really like her. She looks like a very nice girl who is very down to earth and friendly. He is still a polar opponent of his mother, Jenin.

A third said: “Scarlett wouldn’t know about Tommy if Jenin wasn’t in the act, and if she did, she would know she was her brother.” Sweet Jack “is all an act. There were no 10 foster parents and neither Diane, Claire, Ricky, Liam or Tuff would have taken it to #EastEnders.

Talking about the reason for Jenin’s return to the square, Charlie teased that perhaps the maternal instinct was finally for his character: “As we know, we’ve got Scarlett, who found herself in Square. So that the genie is going back. That way. “

Jenin teased about being involved in a deadly fire, adding: “We know it’s going to explode, we can see some flames in a big fire.

“I think some of the relationships, some of the old characters we see her working with, for me I know when it’s interesting because I can feel her as an actress, I feel her. Maybe when two characters provoke each other, I ‘like’ it sounds great and very interesting ‘so you’ve got a lot to look forward to.

“It’s fun and that’s why I’m so excited about all the layered things that go along with it.”

East Anders boss Kate Oates said: “I think one of the most exciting things to see when Janine returns is what she will be like as a mother.

She hinted that it would all end in tears, adding: “When she returns, Jenin makes it clear that she will do anything for Scarlett – including taking Kate Slater … herself. Put it first. “

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East Enders fans believe that Jenin is trying to deceive Kate.


East Enders fans believe that Jenin is trying to deceive Kate.Credit: BBC

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