October 18, 2021

The dying dog shared one last day in the sun with his beloved family.

One of Pew Raven’s favorite pastimes was sunbathing with his beloved family. Full of dogs, he loved to hang out with pet dogs and cats who came to live with his family. Although she struggled with her problems, Raven wanted to help other dogs find happiness.

Sadly, the life of this good girl was tragically shortened. At just six months old, Raven’s body was tired of the birth defects that had made his life rough from the start. His mother, Jamie, devoted herself to caring for Raven, and the love never waned. But in the end, his kidneys could no longer meet the demands of his growing body, and the sweet dog passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Before Raven leaves, Jamie makes sure his best friend’s last moment is in the sun.


Raven’s story.

Born the youngest in his litter, Raven was a fighter from day one. Mother Jamie assumed he was fair. Run And will catch up soon. But Raven’s growth has never accelerated. Jamie made sure the toddler always had a place on the milk bar between his litter, but she stayed small. At three-and-a-half weeks old, her health took a turn for the worse when Jamie found her “cold, lame and away from her whip.”

Just the night before, she was nursing, but now she can’t go that far. There was something very wrong, and Jamie shared, “That’s when our medical journey began to save Raven.”


Raven was downstairs during long weeks of care and seeing a doctor, but Jamie won’t let go of her tough dog. As William Shakespeare put it, “Even though she is small, she is tough.” And that was Raven’s truth.


“I was repeatedly told she wouldn’t make another week, now it’s time to leave. There was no answer,” Jamie explained. “But still … she hung out. She was born with birth defects, her kidneys weren’t fully developed and she struggled with her liver.”


A happy girl

Despite all this trouble, Raven was a happy dog ​​who loved his family. She was happy to help all the dogs and cats that were cared for. Jamie’s Animal Rescue.A Jamie started foster care when she was just 11 years old. “Every new dog is greeted with a kiss,” Raven said.

“It was a real miracle that was soon taken away from us.”


And with only six months to go, Raven left a lasting impression on Jamie.

“I would have kept him alive, but he gave me a purpose in life,” Jamie said.


And on her last day, Jamie wanted to make sure her best friend had everything she wanted, making sure Raven spent time in the sun with her. Dog friend. Look at the whole group. Raven and friends. Enjoyed the last time with Sweet Raven.

Featured image: ven RavensFriends /Facebook

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