September 20, 2021

The director’s kit, of course, is better at the price – Scottish Sun.

Ghost of Sushima was a huge hit for both Sony and Sukkur Punch Productions when it landed on PS4. It offers an open world title in a beautiful world, with an epic story and an overall power struggle.

So it doesn’t make sense that a year later, it was given a touch-up treatment with a piece of new content;

The biggest selling point for fans to pick up on the next-generation console is the new Ikea Island content, which takes place during the main game’s time frame.

And once you’ve completed the first act of the game, you can go there if you want. It sees you landing on the island for a very self-made story, which helps build the story of the world as a whole, but doesn’t really indicate where the game will end.

    The biggest addition to the director's kit is going to Ike Island.


The biggest addition to the director’s kit is going to Ike Island.

The island is a wild and illegal place and has been overrun by a Martian tribe called the Eagle Tribe, led by a woman named The Eagle, who is planning to attack Sushima from the island. Are, so it depends on whom. To stop them.

But it’s easier said than done, because the eagle uses a powerful venom that destroys people’s minds, and if it gets to Sushima, it could all be over.

    The game on PS5 is even more epic and brilliant.


The game on PS5 is even more epic and brilliant.

The story of Aki focuses on Jin and his past, and really removes the elements that were only touched upon in the main game. Giving the whole thing in a very personal way, like Aki Island where his father died in a fight, so you will find yourself befriending people who have ever been able to help you overcome the eagle. Enemies were visible.

    The thing now runs smoothly at 60fps as well as full 4K.


The thing now runs smoothly at 60fps as well as full 4K.

Far from the rich story; the island itself is about one-third the size of Sushima and is once again a real playground from which you can dream of your samurai. Although Aki is a bit more wild, you never know what you’ll find in the next corner.

    The game is very cinematic.


The game is very cinematic.

There are also a lot of new activities and side quests, which add extra layers to the story and they are more consistent in their design than the basic games side quests as a whole.

You will also find that the fighting has been shaken by a new type of enemy called the shaman – who buffs all nearby units with his songs and dances. There are also enemies who will change their weapons in the middle of a battle.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite plays it safe with a license, which is great.

And once you’ve worked with Ike Island, you can go back to Sushima and enjoy the basic game with a variety of adaptations. It now runs in 4K and with solid 60fps, it looks even more stunning. It also uses the PS5’s hepatic triggers, a new addition.

On the downside, the only real problem is its real value and how it has been handled, which is questionable.

Ghost of Sushima Director Kit takes a great game and adds to it in an even better way. And if you’ve never played it, there should be no question about it. For returning fans, double-dipping for the next-generation package may be a problem.

Ghost of Sushima Director’s Kit Review.

Last score …5/5

Format: PS5

Price: . 69.99.

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