September 25, 2021

The development of a new French vaccine reduces the use of other vaccines.

French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron / Photo Credit: Express.

France has decided to make its own vaccine shortly after other covid vaccines, including the UK-made AstraZeneca.

The French public has already begun to question the effectiveness of AstraZeneca and other available vaccines, preferring to wait for a new corona virus vaccine to be developed by a French pharmaceutical company. The new French vaccine, Valneva, is thought to be more than 80% effective.

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In a statement, Franco Grimaud, general manager of the Franco Austrian Laboratory Valenzuela, said: “Based on (…) Step I and II trials, we hope to have a vaccine that works in more than 80% of cases. It will have to be demonstrated in the Phase III trial.

According to the general manager, Valneva uses an inactivated virus vaccine, an older world technology than RNA, which is used primarily for influenza vaccines.

Frank Grimaud added: “The vaccine has many parameters to consider: efficacy, harmlessness, duration of protection, duration between the first two doses, and the need for a booster.”

However, the longer people wait, the less likely they are to stop the spread of the corona virus. France

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“I have heard some people say that they prefer to wait for the snoopy vaccine. I thank those who trust the snoopy but our vaccine will not come for many months.

“Waiting only increases the risk and prolongs the circulation of the virus. Vaccines adopted by health authorities are safe and effective.

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