The despicable brother of the evil thug who kidnapped Angel Lynn and left her with brain damage taunts her with disgusting messages

The despicable brother of the evil thug who kidnapped Angel Lynn and left her brain-damaged has taunted her with disgusting messages.

Rhys Norris showed no remorse in defending his vile brother. Bowskill tea.

Angel Lynn was only 19 years old when she suffered catastrophic brain injuries.

Rhys Norris showed up to protect his dastardly brother Chey Bowskill (pictured)[/caption]

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Angel suffered a skull fracture and head injury[/caption]

Rapist BowskillThe 20-year-old man grabbed his then-girlfriend “like a rag doll” and threw her into the back of a van in Rothley, Leicestershire.

Angel overturned the car at 60 mph and suffered catastrophic brain injuries. She can’t eat, walk or talk.

In reports found by The Sun, which we have decided not to publish, Norris claims that his brother Bowskill did nothing wrong.

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Angel Lynn’s family says former thug ‘gets what he deserves’ as jail time doubles

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Angel’s mom cries as she says she will NEVER forgive her daughter’s kidnapper

He then proceeds to taunt Angel with a series of strange and cruel statements about her.

Norris also threatens to deprive Angel’s family of the money they are raising to help buy medical equipment for their critically ill daughter.

The message was sent by Norris to an interested member of the public, Jeremy Stoker.

Jeremy said, “I just asked it out of courtesy, [Norris] change his Facebook profile picture from that of his now convicted brother to something else, out of decorum, to Angel.

“Far from having the slightest sympathy for her, he felt nothing but contempt.

“It was after the court case when I first contacted him, when I first heard the story and the state Angel was left in because of the actions of Chay Bowskill.

“I don’t know him, or Angel, or Chey, but when I heard how warm his mother Protection Tea – and taking pity on Angel, I stumbled upon Rhys.

“Far from saying anything, [he] he seemed to be 100 percent behind his brother and proud of it.


“I didn’t blame him for Chey’s actions – and I didn’t insult him – I just asked him not to be so publicly supportive of his parasite brother.”

When The Sun approached Norris about the message, he replied “fuck off”, followed by a series of expletives.

Chilling CCTV footage of Angel’s kidnapping shows Bowskill stalking her after she left during an argument.

He then grabbed Angel from behind in a bear hug and stuffed her into his van.

As he was driving down the road at 60 miles per hour, Angel fell out of the car.

She was found lying on the A6 by a passer-by near Loughborough, Leicestershire on 27 September 2020, with catastrophic injuries.

Angel, who suffered a skull fracture and brain injury, now needs round-the-clock care and is unable to communicate, walk or eat on her own.

Far from saying anything [Rhys Norris] he seemed to be 100 percent behind his brother and proud of it.

Jeremy Stoker

Her boyfriend at the time Bowskill and his friend Rocco Sansome, 20, both denied the kidnapping but were found guilty after trial January 27, 2022

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said they were not told of Norris Jeremy’s reports.

But they added: “We are aware of the messages posted earlier on the Internet in connection with the Angel Lynn case, and we continue to review the content of these messages that are brought to our attention.

“If any criminal offenses are found in published materials, they will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken.”

This came after Bowskill’s seven-year term was nearly up. doubled to 16 years and three months on Wednesday.

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The judge ruled that the original jail term “did not reflect the seriousness” of the kidnapping.

Angel’s family is currently raising money to help buy the equipment needed to bring Angel back home. you can support their fundraiser is here.


Chilling CCTV footage of Angel’s abduction shows Bowskill picking her up and pushing her into the van.[/caption]

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