The daughter of the murdered Geronimo gave birth to a boy who looked like the famous grandfather

Alpaca SLAIN Geronimo will live – after his daughter gave birth to a boy who is a doppelgänger of his famous grandfather.

His New Zealand owners are asking the public for possible names with a “link to the UK in honor of his grandfather”.


The daughter of the murdered alpaca Geronimo gave birth to a boy who is the double of his famous grandfather.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Sadly, Six Months Ago, Geronimo Was Euthanized After A Long Struggle Due To Fears That He Had Bovine Tuberculosis.


Sadly, six months ago, Geronimo was euthanized after a long struggle due to fears that he had bovine tuberculosis.Credit: Simon Jones

This came six months after Geronimo, brought from the country of Down Under, was euthanized after a long struggle due to fears that he had bovine tuberculosis.

Owner Helen McDonald has insisted its destruction was illegal and continues to fight Defra officials after an autopsy found no sign of illness.

Leonie and Neville Walker, who own Geronimo’s daughter, La Cherie, announced their grandson’s arrival just hours after his birth yesterday.

This was just 12 days after Geronimo would have been nine years old.

They said the all-black boy was “very active” and was running around his mom, but was soon “tired and needs a drink and a nap.”

They shared a snap of mom and baby together on their farm and said she is already “a loving mom and always talking to him.”

The couple raise 950 alpacas – animals known as camels for their spitting – near Taumarunui on the North Island.

They want the newborn’s name to start with a “P” to match others in the herd born that year.

Before Geronimo left them, he mated with three females and has another grandson, Oakwood, but he is brown.

When he arrived in the UK, he was quarantined away from other alpacas at Helen’s farm in Wikwara, Glook, so he had no other offspring in the UK.

Helen said she was “delighted” to hear of his grandson’s birth.

She told The Sun: “Geronimo’s new grandson ensures that his legacy and spirit will always live on. Is always.”

She added that Geronimo’s New Zealand herd “never even had a suspicion” of bovine TB in 26 years.

She insisted that he was “taken for nothing and killed” and accused Defra of making false claims that Geronimo had bovine tuberculosis six months later.

She said: “It is still very hard for me and all those who witnessed such unnecessary cruelty. There should be a public inquiry and reform of the bTB policy.”

Owner Helen Mcdonald Wants To Give The Newborn A Name That Begins With The Letter


Owner Helen McDonald wants to give the newborn a name that begins with the letter “P” to match others in the flock born this year.Credit: Doug Seaburg

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