September 21, 2021

The daughter of the dog, Bounty Hunter, accused him of racism and homosexuality.

Bonnie Chapman, daughter of the famous prize hunter Dwayne “Dog” Chapman, has made some startling revelations about her family, including homophobia and racism.

Bonnie took him to her. Instagram On Tuesday, the stories led to several allegations against his father, amid reports that he and his sister Cecily had not been invited to his father’s upcoming wedding with his fiance Fran فرانois. The 22-year-old girl claimed that the reason she was not invited to the wedding was because her famous father was a ‘racist’ and she did not like the support of the Black Lives Pea Movement.

Bonnie stated angrily that his father’s future wife herself confirmed in a text that she had not been invited because she had worked for Social Justice and BLM for Unleashed Entertainment’s TV show “The System”. Took part in the protests, even when he was “fired” by his father. The streaming platform and its series “Unleashed” were canceled due to its racist and homosexual acts.

He added, “My father was kicked off the platform for using racial and homosexuality against my fellow cast members in the show, a protest against social justice and police violence and racism. ۔ “

Bonnie also claimed that her father, who is getting married for the sixth time next month, cheated on his mother Beth Smith while he was battling cancer – a battle she lost in 2019. Bonnie wrote, “I have repeatedly expressed my growing frustration with my father’s growing up in his old racist ways. After my mother’s death, I forgave my father for countless actions that I did not.” It should have happened. But I forgave him because I wanted a relationship with my father.

Dwayne’s daughter, Lisa Chapman, from her third marriage to Lisa Breton, denied her step-sister’s allegations, claiming that the reason she and Sicily were not invited to the wedding was because they missed her so much.

“My sister is lying about our father. Don’t listen!” Lisa wrote on it. Instagram The account, he added, is benefiting from his father’s former business partners who had previously worked with him on the canceled show of Unleashed Entertainment.

He loves all the people he could no longer ride on his cots, “Lisa claimed, adding that he thinks these people are of a” sectarian mentality “and that he has” killed his sisters “. What is blindness?

Fazal Shikari himself denied the allegations against him. the sunBonnie’s allegations are false and a misleading attempt to derail our marriage. And trying to tarnish my image. “

However, the 68-year-old man had earlier confessed to being unfaithful to his late wife. This is not the first time he has been accused of making racist remarks.

Dwayne Chapman.
Fazal Shikari Dwayne ‘Dog’ Chapman.

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