September 18, 2021

‘The Crown’ to explore the alleged relationship between Prince Philip and Penny Nutchable.

“The Crown”, which depicts the legendary version of Queen Elizabeth II’s rule over Britain, is reportedly ready to upset the British royal family once again by considering another controversial issue.

In its upcoming season, the HitNetFlex series is reportedly planning to explore the alleged relationship between Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, and County Mountbatten of Burma’s Penny Nutchable, who was 30 years younger than her. The fifth and sixth seasons of the show will feature Jonathan Price Shahi, who died in April this year at the age of 99, while Natasha McAlhon is taking on the role of Natch Bill, who is currently He is 68 years old. The Queen, now 95, will be played by Amelda Staunton.

According to reports, it is “unlikely” that the search for Prince Philip and Penny’s relationship will be welcomed by the royal family. The series had already revealed the late royal’s alleged extramarital affair, which in his second season had caused trouble in his marriage to the then-pregnant queen, but never came to confirm the matter.

A source said. the sun Regarding the show’s new choice of theme, “It’s a relationship that naturally raised a few eyebrows and created some whispers, but Philip and Penny maintained that they were just friends. The makers of The Crown thought so.” It’s a relationship that is worth discovering, and casting an experienced actor like Natasha reflects how high-profile the character is. “

The insider added, “But very personal relationships are unlikely to be welcomed as a story, like the royal family or the rest of the royal family.”

Penny alias Penelope Meredith is the only daughter of Mary Natcheble Reginald Eastwood, a wealthy butcher businessman. Penny studied in Switzerland before pursuing a business degree at the London School of Economics.

She is thought to have met Prince Philip in 1974, when she was meeting Norton Nach Bill, the third Earl of Burma. Knatchbull is the grandson of Lord Louis Mountbatten, the beloved uncle of Prince Philip, and one of the close friends of Prince Charles, the royal eldest son, since they attended Gordenston School in Scotland together. Her family seat is in Broadland, Hampshire, where the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh spent their honeymoon.

Penny, who married Prince Charles in 1979 to Nich Bill as the best man, allegedly tied the knot with Prince Philip when his youngest daughter, Leonora, died of kidney cancer at the age of five. Gone They began to get together for carriage driving, which a sports assistant described as one of Philip’s “greatest loves of his life after the Queen.” Penny became a royal, her loyal companion, and a close associate of the “keeper of secrets.”

Meanwhile, Penny’s marriage to Nitch Bill was ruined when she left him to live with her mistress in the Bahamas in 2010, even though Penny remained in her family seat and continued to run it. Her husband returned within a year or two to live in a cottage on Broadland Estate, but she still runs the house.

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she allowed her husband to return to the 60-room mansion. The Earl has not been seen in public for many years, while Penny has dedicated her life to raising money for a charity in the name of her deceased daughter.

Penny also continued to visit Prince Consort frequently when he retired from government duties and began living at Wood Farm on Sandringham Estate in 2017. 30 people due to coronavirus restrictions.

Matt the Smith and Claire Foy as Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in “The Crown” Seasons 1 and 2.

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