The council made me sleep on a musty mattress in a disgusting hotel after the assholes broke my windows.

One man’s MOM was sick when the council put her in a “disgusting” hotel with “a moldy, poop-stained mattress.”

Becky Chambers, 30, has been placed in a hotel in Doncaster, Yorkshire, after vandals allegedly smashed her windows.


Becky Chambers, 30, was sick when the council put her in a ‘disgusting’ hotel.Credit: Becky Chambers
In Her Room Was &Quot;Moldy, Stained Mattress&Quot;


Her room had “a moldy mattress with poop stains”.Credit: Becky Chambers

The mom, whose two-year-old son Kaidan is currently elsewhere, also found a shard of metal sticking out of her mattress that got tangled in her hair, leaving her “distraught.”

Becky told the Sun: “I’m depressed. I’ve had enough. I want it all to end. It’s like a nightmare.”

After leaving the house, Becky and her dogs were placed in a hotel in Barlborough, where she was forced to fork out £1,140 from her own funds to cover living expenses.

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After two weeks there, she was put up in another hotel for another seven days before the council of Rotherham intervened and placed her in a third.

Becky said that her room at this hotel – the Campanile Hotel in Doncaster – was dirty.

She added: “I walked in and it was just disgusting. With Covid, you didn’t think it would be like this.”

“It was just me and my dogs, I felt a little lost.

“I slept there that night and felt a little uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable, it was the worst night’s sleep of my life.”

I’m very sad. I’ve had enough. I want it all to end. It looks like a nightmare.

Becky Chambers

At some point, Becky woke up abruptly.

She said: “I reached back into my hair and found metal sticking out of it.

“My hair was stuck in it – the metal was sticking out of the mattress.”

She spoke to the front desk the next day, but Becky says they “didn’t have a clue”.

Then Mom went back to her room and lifted the mattress.

“When I picked it up, I could have sworn there was human feces on the mattress pad.

“Then I lifted the lid and saw all these stains – I felt uncomfortable.”

Becky then removed the entire mattress from the bed and was shocked by what she found.

“Mold was growing on it. I couldn’t believe I was there.”

The mother desperately needs Doncaster’s advice to move her to a permanent home so her son can return.

She said, “I’ve had so many failures it’s unrealistic. I want something good to come out of this.”

After severe ordeals, she was transferred to a fourth hotel, but then evicted.

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February 17th is her son’s second birthday and Becky is determined to make sure he has a good time.

She added, “I will make sure he has a really good birthday. He will get whatever he wants from his mother.”

A spokesman for St Leger Homes, who handled Becky’s case, said: “We have supported Ms. Chambers from January 31, 2022, when we provided her with accommodation at the Holiday Inn, First Point Business Park, Bullrush Grove, Doncaster, DN4 8SJ until today we are more Miss Chambers was not housed anywhere.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Chambers has been evicted from the Holiday Inn as of today and she has lost her temporary accommodation duties (S188) as a result.

“We will not be offering any other accommodation at this time.”

Rotherham Council Acting Assistant Director of Housing Paul Walsh said: “Rotherham Council takes the safety of our customers very seriously.

“When arranging emergency accommodation, we strive to provide accommodation that is appropriate, safe, and appropriate to meet our clients’ immediate needs.

“The Board was made aware of a number of issues related to Ms Chambers’ stay at the hotel after concerns were expressed by hotel staff.

“Miss Chambers was contacted immediately to discuss the issues raised and alternative accommodation was arranged as a result.”

A spokesman for Campanile Hotel said: “We are aware of an incident involving a guest who checked into our hotel in Doncaster on 14 January 2022.

“As a business, we are committed to serving our customers and we always strive to ensure that every customer has the best possible experience.

“In this case, the guest was not satisfied with the condition of the mattress in his room. However, this issue was not brought to the attention of the hotel staff until January 15, 2022, which is the morning after the guest checked in.

“As a result of the complaint being brought to our attention, a full internal investigation into the matter has been launched. We are committed to maintaining a high standard in our rooms and we are sorry to hear that there was an issue with the mattress on this occasion.

“In addition, we take the safety and well-being of our employees very seriously. Therefore, it was a very unpleasant situation for all parties.”

Becky Pulled The Entire Mattress Off The Bed And Was Shocked By What She Found.


Becky pulled the entire mattress off the bed and was shocked by what she found.Credit: Becky Chambers
She Asked For A Mattress &Quot;Mold Grew On It&Quot;


She claimed that the mattress “had mold growing on it.”Credit: Becky Chambers
Becky Also Found A Piece Of Metal Sticking Out Of The Mattress.


Becky also found a piece of metal sticking out of the mattress.Credit: Becky Chambers

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