October 21, 2021

The closure of the 1in3 charity of East Antrim promotes k 14k for Hope House work.

Representatives. Don McConnell has been offered 14 14,000 from Hope House, a charity based in Meiji Island that provides free accommodation to cancer patients and their carers.

Founded in 2008, 1in3 has helped hundreds of people living with cancer and was behind the provision of a therapy garden in Eden on the outskirts of Carrickfergus.

In February, the charity announced that it was closing its books with assets to give a like-minded person a good cause. Click. Here

Liz McCaffrey, Heather Garrett, Lee Ann Clark and Karen McCann are presenting 1in3 checks at Hope House.

After the presentation, Karen McCain and Janice Ferguson, founders of 1in3, said the charity was “leaving a lasting legacy with Hope House that will continue to support the local community.”

He added: “We wish Dawn, Jacqueline, MIS Claims and the entire Hope House volunteer team all the best for their future dreams as we stand with those affected by cancer and its treatment. Are

“Hopehouse offers short breaks by sea in luxurious accommodation for recently diagnosed patients. Vitamin Sea and tranquility are important for our well-being and our peace of mind.

“Good Luck Hope House by 1in3 Team.”

Heather Garrett (left) from 1in3 and Don McConnell from Hope House.

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