September 20, 2021

The clash between Brazil and Argentina was abandoned after the Kuwait conflict.

Brazil’s World Cup qualifier clash against Argentina began on Sunday shortly after a sensational abandonment over a dispute over the Cove 19 protocol.

Amid incredible scenes at Sao Paulo’s New Comica Arena, a match between two South American football giants was stopped when Brazilian health officials ran onto the pitch, with team officials and players on both sides shaking hands. ۔

The shocking intervention came hours after health officials in Brazil said four England-based players in Argentina’s squad should be placed in “immediate quarantine” for violating the Cove 19 protocol.

According to Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), Premier League players Giovanni Lu Celso (Tottenham), Emiliano Martنیnez (Austin Villa), Emiliano Boundia (Austin Villa) and Cristian Romero (Tottenham) have been “misinformed” about entering Brazil. “Provide. .

Romero, Lu Celso and Martزnez were all in the starting line-up in Argentina who started Sunday’s game – a sign of unrealistic intervention by Invisa officials.

The four players were accused of failing to disclose that they had spent time in the UK in the 14 days before arriving in Brazil, where the Cowboys 19 had claimed more than 580,000 lives.

Argentina v Brazil
Argentina’s Lionel Messi (L) and Brazil’s Neymar are seen when both teams’ World Cup qualifiers were stopped by Brazilian health officials in Sao Paulo. Photo: AFP / Nelson Almeida

Argentina captain Lionel Messi and his teammates walked off the field because of the confusion over the fate of the game.

Messi later criticized the intervention of Brazilian authorities.

“We’ve been here three days, why are you doing this now?” He said on Argentina’s TC network.

“We have never been told he can’t play,” Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni told the media.

Argentina was to return to Buenos Aires on a charter flight at the end of Sunday.

Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association, said the federation had followed FIFA’s protocol for the game, and rejected claims that players had forged entry records.

“It’s not possible to talk about any lies,” Tapia said.

Argentina v Brazil
An employee of Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) argues with Argentine players Nicolas Otamendi (left) and Marcos Acuna after stopping the World Cup qualifier with Brazil: Photo: AFP / Nelson Almeida

However, Brazilian officials were unhappy with the decision to suspend the game.

“We arrived at this point because everything that Invisa had instructed from the first moment was not fulfilled,” said Antonio Bara Torres, director of Invisa, on Brazilian television.

The official added that the four players were “instructed to remain isolated awaiting deportation, but did not comply. They went to the stadium and entered the field in violation.”

A government order issued on June 23 barred any foreigner from the UK, India or South Africa from entering Brazil to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Invesa believes the situation represents a serious health risk and recommends that local health authorities (of Sao Paulo) immediately order the quarantine of athletes who are not allowed to participate in any activity in Brazil. Living in the area is prohibited. ” Said in a statement early Sunday.

The agency also said the Argentine delegation was warned in a meeting on Saturday that players at the center of the controversy should be quarantined and not play any part in Sunday’s game.

The game was apparently abandoned, with the Brazilian team starting a practice game on the pitch.

The governing body of South American football, CONMEBOL, said in a statement that the game had been “suspended” but did not say when or when the match would be played again, or whether any team would cancel the game.

“The match referee’s decision has suspended the FIFA World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina,” Campbell said in a statement.

“The referee and match commissioner will submit a report to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which will determine the steps to be taken. These procedures are in strict compliance with existing laws.”

The controversy erupted when nine Brazilians in the Premier League failed to travel to South America following objections from their clubs.

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