October 18, 2021

The British soldier praised a hero in Spain and won a medal after a relief effort in Kabul.

A British soldier has been hailed as a hero in Spain and stands in line for a medal of bravery.

The 22-year-old private Harry Deere was part of a British task force sent to rescue the British and their allies from Afghanistan as the Taliban seized power.

Private Harry Deere has been hailed as a hero in Spain.


Private Harry Deere has been hailed as a hero in Spain.

In between his duties, he assisted Spain’s Elite GEO Unit, which was struggling to get its people through a final checkpoint at Kabul Airport.

Harry of the 16th Air Assault Brigade spoke in Spanish to 12 members of the unit.

He explained that he could not reach his people because the Spaniards were not allowed to enter the area under the control of British and American forces.

Harry, who grew up in Murcia, Spain, asked his boss if he could help.

For four nights he wandered in crowds looking for people to go to Spain and shepherd them by flying.

“There were a total of 150 to 200 people,” he said.

Spain’s La Verdad newspaper praised him and officials told him they wanted to give him the Cruzo Merto Military Fast – Spain’s third-largest gallantry medal – which the GEO soldiers received on their return.

“Harry was a real star,” said a Geo member.

The first international flight after the withdrawal of NATO and US forces from Afghanistan departed from Kabul Airport.

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