October 25, 2021

The British petrol stations near me – London and the South East – are still ‘dry’ with fuel, but shopping is starting to calm down with panic.

Under the ULEZ extension this month, drivers face a .5 12.50 daily charge.

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will expand this month from a small patch in the heart of the city to most of the capital.

Older car drivers will have to pay a 12. 12.50 charge before entering the zone, or a پون 160 fine.

It mainly affects drivers of petrol cars manufactured before 2005 and diesel cars manufactured before 2015, but anyone who is not sure about the capability of their vehicle can check online using TFL’s website. should do.

These vintage vehicles are considered the most polluted, and the ultra-low emission zone is designed to reduce harmful emissions to the capital.

London’s current ULEZ congestion charge zone covers the same area, from Park Lane in the west to Spitalfields in the east, and from King’s Cross in the north to Vauxhall in the south.

But from this month, it will flourish on the northern and southern circular roads, absorbing an area 18 times the size of the current zone.

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