September 20, 2021

The British government arrested Nikki Minaj on vaccine claims

A Corona virus briefing in the UK took an unexpected turn when the country’s button-up chief medical officer and prime minister introduced himself as Nikki Minaj, hesitating about the vaccine and talking about the supposedly swollen testicles of his cousin’s friend. Found

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his chief medical officer, Chris Vetti, became embroiled in a controversy over the global rape superstar when he revealed to his 22.6 million Twitter followers that he had not yet been vaccinated.

She had to have a job to attend this week’s glamorous New York fashion event, Matt Gala, and she indicated that she was doing her research on jobs.

Manaj then shared a story about a cousin in Trinidad who refused to be vaccinated because his friend was shocked, impotent and had swollen testicles.

Nikki Minaj
American rapper Nicki Minaj revealed on her 22.6 million Twitter followers that she had not yet been vaccinated. Photo: AFP / Angela Weiss

White, 55, the face of the UK’s corona virus reaction that was previously unknown to celebrities, said when asked about Manaj’s comments during a question-and-answer session on Tuesday. The shock did not stop.

“There are a lot of superstitions circulating, some of which are just plain ridiculous,” he told reporters.

“Some … are clearly designed to scare. This is one of them.”

Instead, he said, he was encouraged that most people were ignoring superstitions and doing the job, and deliberately “making a deal of lies” with anyone.

“I think they should be ashamed,” he added.

Chief Medical Officer of England Chris Whitty.
Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, said Manaj’s story was clearly designed to intimidate.

Johnson, a 57-year-old classically educated man who regularly speaks in Latin, lamented that he was “not as familiar with Nikki Minaj’s work as I should be.”

Instead, he said, he preferred to listen to another woman of the same name, “Superstar GP” Nikki Kanani, who has been closely involved in the government’s Covid vaccine campaign.

Minaj, who speaks directly, later sent Johnson an English-language voicemail, claiming she was born in Britain and went to university with Margaret Thatcher – both liars.

Health Secretary Sajid Javed said on Wednesday that he did not want to give “publicity oxygen” to the comments, and called on public figures to be responsible in their comments.

On Wednesday, a Twitter user suggested “gossip of change: Health Secretary Manaj,” as rumors reiterated that Johnson was reshuffling his cabinet.

“This will enable CardB to move the Treasury and Kardashian into the environment,” said another, quoting reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian.٪253A٪252F٪٪252F9MU4CR-1

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