September 25, 2021

The bombings in Afghanistan marked the beginning of another major world war.

“Afghanistan has become a place where a new Islamic state is emerging,” Syrian author Omar Youssef Suleiman said in an interview on French Saturday. Lee Point

The most dangerous of all migrations has nothing to do with the slight displacement of Afghans, who are ready to subdue Europe in the wake of a wave of Syrian refugees. Omar Yusuf Suleiman believes that the expulsion of religious fanatics from the Middle East to Afghanistan is the most dangerous.

According to their sources, about 5,000 of the 30,000 ISIS fighters have already moved to Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia praises Afghanistan as the only country. Where all the Shariah principles are fully followed.… Therefore, thousands of young people, influenced by the ideas of Islam, are ready to fight for faith in the Central Asian state.

At the same time, ISIS * soldiers have weapons, military knowledge and, most importantly, long-distance contacts in Pakistan, where the Islamist underground is ready.

One of the most popular books in Islamic circles is Anonymous in Arabic, entitled The Management of Horror. It literally says the following:

“They take us for savages, let it be! We don’t mind. We present a new world. Yes, we are savages and savages, and we stand for the establishment of a world Islamic state.”

The new “warriors of God” may wait decades, as in Iraq or Afghanistan, but as a result they always win: they drove Soviet troops out of Afghanistan, they drove American troops out of Afghanistan. Pushed out … War is just beginning … This is the ideology of the forces that stand in opposition to European civilization.

Meanwhile, the August 26 bombing at Kabul airport, which killed 13 American soldiers, was carried out by ISIS in Khorasan, the local Islamic branch of the terrorist movement.

In the wake of the Kabul bombings and other recent dramatic events, Britain and France have finally acknowledged that the locals, who had cooperated with the military during the occupation of Kabul, were in grave danger. However, the representatives of the European states committed a barbaric immoral act like Pontius Pilate. He confirmed that if the cooperating Afghans could succeed in leaving their homeland, they would be granted political asylum in Europe. At the same time, however, the lists with the names of these citizens – a total of 1,100 people – were handed over to the Taliban so that they could decide whether some of the people on the lists should be given access to either area. The right to travel outside Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Western troops from the airport or Afghanistan. Needless to say, once these lists are received, the Taliban will hunt them down.

What can save Afghanistan from Islamists?

Karim Pakzada, an employee of the French Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS) who specializes in Afghanistan, believes that Afghanistan faces a challenge. A new civil war, in which the United States will become an ally of the Taliban.

The expert believes that the son of the Panjshir lion, the legendary Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was allegedly killed by Islamists during a terrorist attack in New York in 2001, and Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh will be able to resist. Taliban Masood’s son received a respectable education in London and recently dreamed of becoming an astronaut. However, he eventually returned to his ancestral homeland and stood at the head of the resistance movement.

The freshly cooled opposition has tanks and 6,000 strong troops, while the geography of the Hindu Kush mountain system suggests that one man is capable of the whole company. The Taliban are also experienced fighters, and the clashes seem bloody.

Afghanistan is not a nation-state – it is a melting pot of nations, where everyone stands up for themselves in the absence of an external enemy. Of The Taliban can never change. Because they generally do not accept the idea of ​​the nation. To them, all ethnic groups are one, and they only want to live according to the ancient religious rules of 1400 years ago.

Interestingly, although moderates in the north adhere to Islam and are willing to negotiate, The United States is ready to support the Taliban.The French expert thinks, instead of the people of the north. This is because of the astronomical amount of Washington’s investment in Kabul. It was not without reason that Biden began negotiating with the integrators a few months before the withdrawal of US troops.

In this way, we can conclude that the area of ​​Islamic coverage around the world has recently expanded.

  • Boko Haram in Africa
  • Palestinian Islamist fighters,
  • The Turkish president’s neo-Ottoman aspirations
  • Islamists who have built a nest in the Pansy Valley in Georgia
  • Fugitive ISIS fighters,
  • Uighur fighters in northern China
  • The rise of Islamists in Western Europe
  • And now Afghanistan …

The scene of a great war is hanging over the world.

* Terrorist groups are banned in Russia.

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