September 17, 2021

The body parts of the missing 9-year-old girl were thrown into the lake.

A father ended his search for his missing daughter when parts of her body were found locked in a plastic bag and dumped in Lake Obruchny in the Russian city of Tyumen.

Nastya Maravieva, 9, went missing on June 30 after leaving a candy store. Her 18-year-old sister, Tatiana, led the search through books and audio appeals. He encouraged hundreds of volunteers to help with the hunt.

Within a month of the search, the young girl’s body was eventually dumped into a lake between reeds. Police found a plastic bag containing his remains on Thursday, August 19th. He said he had combed the area before and found no evidence that the girl had gone missing.

One of the searchers said it was certain the body had not been there since the girl’s disappearance. the sun.

Police are now searching for the killer. The girl’s father, Sergei Maravyova, 40, was initially suspected of murder and disappearance after being sentenced to death. But the single parents insisted on his innocence and he passed the lie detector test.

The day before the horrific discovery, eyewitnesses reported that a man was seen near the lake carrying a black plastic bag. Authorities have also arrested a 39-year-old suspect, Pedo Fell, and have not yet questioned Nastya’s death. The murder suspect was recently arrested on charges of raping an 11-year-old girl. He also has a record of pre-murder convictions.

Russia’s top criminal investigator, Alexander Bastarkin, has taken a personal interest in the case. He will lead others in the ongoing investigation while “criminal experts” work on the crime scene. Divers are said to be searching for other possible clues on the lake that could help link the circumstances that led to Nastya’s disappearance and tragic death.

Police line.
Crime Scene Police Line | Photo: Getty Images / Scott Olson

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