September 23, 2021

The bleeding pensioner, 77, was crying and trembling after the rape, the lawsuit heard.

A bleeding pensioner went to the police station and claimed that he was dragged into the house and raped by a man.

The 77-year-old woman claimed that on July 17, 2020, 53-year-old Scott Forest attacked her home in East Calabride.

The woman – known as Forrest – claimed in a police statement that she did not tell him during the alleged attack but apparently told him: “You love her.”

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Forrest is on trial in Glasgow High Court on a charge of rape.

The allegations include allegations that Forrest grabbed OAP by the hand, took him to the property and detained him there against his will.

It is further alleged that Forrest made indecent remarks and threats before the sexual assault.

The court heard from 42-year-old Detective Sergeant Lindsay Laird, who told the judges that she had met the woman at the police station on the day of the alleged incident.

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Prosecutor Greg Farrell asked how she appeared.

DS Laird said: “She was crying and shivering, she had a skirt and no tights.

“Blood was flowing from inside her thighs to her knees.”

DS Laird claimed to have taken a statement from the woman who was “upset”.

The statement was read out by DS Laird to the court.

In it, the woman claims that she was caught by Forrest at her doorstep before being told, “You are coming with me.”

The woman said she replied: “I’m not going anywhere” but was allegedly taken to her home and room.

He said he told her: “I don’t want to live here.”

The woman said Forrest “ripped” her clothes and raped her before she was pushed into a chair.

“He told me he was going to have sex with me, I told him I didn’t want sex,” he told officers.

“She said I probably didn’t have sex with my husband … and that I was a sexy woman.”

The woman claimed that Forrest repeatedly raped her and forced her to have sex with him.

Forrest allegedly told her through the incident: “You love her.”

The woman said in a statement: “I felt like I was bleeding and I had some blood … he was holding my neck.”

He allegedly told Forrest to go back and see his family.

The woman added: “I begged him to go home and he said okay but I have to come back tomorrow and he will come and get me.

“When I got home I was crying, shivering and really upset … I can’t believe he did this to me, it’s so cruel, I’m worried he’ll follow me.”

She claimed to have told her husband and children before calling 999.

The woman was taken to hospital but said she had no injuries.

Forrest denies the allegations.

The trial is set to begin tomorrow in the presence of Judge Graham Buchanan.

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