September 23, 2021

The black model, who took part in a campaign against Moscow’s restaurants, was afraid to stay in Russia.

03/06/2003 08:08.

A black man who worked on a controversial ad for a chain of Moscow restaurants has announced his decision to leave Russia. This person fears that the representatives of the male state movement may fall prey to it. RT Reports

The black-skinned model of the ad campaign is a student from Africa. He came to Russia about five years ago to study computer science. The young man said he had repeatedly participated in advertising campaigns and did not expect the campaign to cause such public outcry.

After graduation, the man intends to return to his homeland. He said that modeling business is his main hobby.

“I read on social media that ‘male state’ activists will try to find the models that appear in the advertisement. Such a problem has now arisen. I am afraid I will go home first without completing my education. I have to go. I am a supporter of the state wherever men can go, “the youth told RT.

Earlier, it was reported that representatives of the men’s state movement and their ideologue Vladislav Pozdnyakov demanded that Moscow, a major Japanese food restaurant chain, apologize for using images of black people in its advertising campaign. The campaign sparked controversy on social media, with Pozdanyakov first telling his supporters to leave the restaurants alone, but then urging his “soldiers” to “attack” again.

The “male state” is a Russian formal unregistered men’s movement that promotes ideologies of patronage and nationalism. The movement was founded by Vladislav Pozdnyakov in 2016 as part of a closed community on the VKontakte social network. The movement’s activities are primarily carried out in an Internet environment: women members of the community and LGBT people are engaged in bullying, intimidation and harassment. In 2020, the male state community was blocked by the VKontakte administration for “inciting violence.”

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