September 21, 2021

The best online vintage clothing stores for shopping.

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  • If you want your wardrobe to last longer, combining vintage with high street clothing is the key to being modern and durable. But old-fashioned shopping isn’t easy, you can easily spend hours in a store and go out without anything – that’s why online shopping is the answer (especially if you’re in a national lockdown). ۔

    So I’ve collected the best online vintage clothing stores for you, even if you’re later. Designer handbags for investment., Like one Vintage Channel 2.55 bag., Or the perfect little black dress or retro t-shirt.

    Durable vintage fabric.

    By its very nature, vintage clothes are durable, as you go against the fast-paced aspect of fast fashion by following the circularity and giving old clothes a new lease of life.

    It also depends on the age of the dress. Items of the 50’s or 60’s are not as mass-produced as those of the 90’s or 00’s, while non-durable fabrics such as polyester and nylon became popular in mainstream fashion in the 50’s and 20’s, respectively.

    Although these non-biodegradable fabrics may take decades if not completely broken down by centuries, by wearing them again, you know you are not sending them to landfill.

    The best online clothing stores.

    You have already sold or sold your item at the depot, as it is one of the largest resale platforms on the market. I like to track down the sellers you haven’t been able to find on Zara and H&M, but it’s also great for finding a designer. The largest, most popular categories at the depot are vintage, streetwear, one-of-a-kind and Y2K (late 1990s / early 2000s) fashion.

    Y2K is one of the most popular search terms on Depot. From April 2020 to July 2020, the search volume for ‘Y2K’ and ‘Noughties’ increased by more than + 640%. Wedding dresses and prep dresses have also seen an increase this summer, thanks to lockdown and Talking girl Resume respectively.

    Heavy, which is rarely worn, is a small gem to find antique designer items. It has hundreds of designer labels, including Prada, Chanel, Louis, Di Ro, Gucci and more. Think of handbags, clothes and jewelry. You can also sell your items on the platform.

    Introducing a new vintage store that makes ready-made clothes to celebrate where they used to be. Expect a collection of hand-selected vintage, retro, designer and high street pieces for modern wardrobes, each telling a story.

    Founder Sarah says, “In the blur of maternity leave with my first, and the sudden lockdown of society as we know it, I felt that every hole was more than the thrill of physically searching, it’s different. Listening to the lives behind them, whether they’re selling it with a wider story, or reminiscing about the past where it was worn, or just because of my interest in their lives. I looked so confused, I felt like no one had ever asked. When the majority of my conversations are with a young child who seems like a lifetime, I followed their human stories. In a time we don’t fully understand, her true stories resonate with me more than she ever knew. Each collection sells with one story. Some detailed stories from the past and some Seemingly modest. Still, everyone is very human. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. “

    As part of the Selfridges Sustainability Initiative, Project Earth, the retailer has developed a permanent online and store platform to provide new ways to buy (and sell) favorite, old, collected and archived products from over 20 partnerships. Farm Reselfreds has started. + Brand partners including Levies, Barbour, Dukes Wardrobe and more.

    The Paris-based recommerce site focuses on the best online vintage clothing pieces from past collections, including Celine, Chloe and more. The new Fall Editorial lineup has many exciting features including multiple payment options, digital bag authentication and repair services, with collector Balenciaga Nicolas Gasquier and industry greats Melania with vintage Saint Laurent sales and editor-in-chief. Ward and Jenny Ahmed Tele.

    Etsy may not be the obvious choice for vintage clothing, but it’s a treasure trove of retro dresses, blouses and accessories, as well as new vintage inspired pieces.

    Mother Vintage is a collection of vintage and favorite women’s clothing, founded by Kim in 2020 (the name refers to her mother, whose 70’s and 80’s wardrobe shaped her style), which Worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade. Like Stella McCartney and Emilia Wicked. Expect to purchase statement sleeves, bold flowers and rare designer pieces. Busy during the lockdown, Kim is launching her second drop MV02 on September 15th. It is a trans-seasonal capsule of x26 pieces that provides color palette, tasteful prints and strong silhouette. Highlights include 90s Pistol Gangham Vintage Escada Blazer, 80s Hot Pink Floral Frank Usher Mini, 70s Red Emerald Green Ruffled Maxi and Show Stopper, and 70s Fashion Daisy Floral Lorex Maxi ۔

    If you’re more interested in modern preferences than hardcore vintage style, the COS resale starting in September is for you. The High Street brand is creating a new digital space to provide consumers with a platform to buy and sell their already favorite COS clothes, allowing their community to redesign their wardrobe in a thoughtful and sustainable way. Provides an opportunity to prolong life. His already favorite COS clothes.

    The resale reinforces COS’s ambitions and journey to become fully circular and renewable, and their commitment to quality and longevity through re-imaging the life cycle of every previously favorite piece. The community-generated online selection will give peers the opportunity to sell old favorites from the past 13 years and buy new pieces from the brand’s archives.

    Founded in 2018, Ratold created online vintage clothing for today’s fashion-conscious women who love modern aesthetics but want to make sustainable purchases without compromising their style and time. Everything is chosen by owner Claire Lewis, and there is also a bridal alternative collection of vintage separate for all your wedding needs.

    Who said vintage can’t be minimal? For those of you who hate the idea of ​​80s Laura Ashley clothes, Atiju Store is for you. Sold exclusively on Instagram for now, the pair of back designs include large Ballman blazers and Yves Saint Laurent pumps, as well as lots of beautiful unbranded items. You can also buy household items and men’s clothing.

    Founder Holly Scouts carboat sales from the latest brands such as Guinea to designer items such as Dolce & Gabbana.

    ASOS Marketplace is a great place to start, with its offerings of vintage boutiques, individual designers and independent labels. All the pieces are made by real people, they call it ‘People’s Runway’, so you will know exactly what you are getting. Marketplace blogs are also a great source of style inspiration. Bravo, ASOS.

    You are Very Safe Levies in the hands of Stella, Marks & Spencer, after working in a top shop and owning a stall in Portobello Market (Kate Moss and Stella McCartney were regulars, FYI), she set up Stellar Boutique. It is bursting with the same jewels of designers and artists from all over the world. Warning: You will waste hours of your life on Stella’s cleverly crafted collections.

    You may have already heard of Beyond Retro. And for good reason. What started as an old, unused dairy factory in East London has grown to include stores in Brick Lane, Dalston, Soho, Brighton and even Sweden. At the store, they pride themselves on providing a ‘tempting and unexpected shopping experience’, and online offers are also dreamy.

    With clothes for men, women and children of the 20’s and 80’s, Rocket is a real treasure trove of vintage and retro jewelry. The site is very easy to use with search tools that we just like.

    An old-fashioned hunting paradise, the store produces vintage clothing, fine art, furniture and jewelry online from Europe and the United States. Mainly for people with big budgets.

    Farfetch brings together stores from around the world, including the best vintage stores. Head straight to the ‘Vintage’ section and some carefully selected filters will take you to your dream curtain bag, YSL sunglasses or Balenciaga dress.

    Not everything on Vestier is vintage, as you can buy anything from last season’s designer items to the 60s Channel, but it’s still one of your favorite places for online vintage shopping. Every designer item also has quality control so you know it is authentic and in good condition.

    Founded in 2015, Open for Vintage lets you discover and buy the best collection of luxury vintage from some of the world’s most prestigious boutiques. Supporting independent vintage stores and encouraging more circulars in the luxury fashion industry.

    Shop and save lives at Oxfam’s online store. With curated. Designer shop Full of accessories and ready to wear pieces of such brands. Burberry., Max hit And گچی. Photographed, styled and listed by volunteers from all over the country, the most spectacular and favorite donations are always listed online so it’s important to check out the site for the designer wishlist pieces you lost in the season. shall be.

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