September 23, 2021

The best clothes rental websites online.

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  • Dress rental sites have never been more popular, and there is no better time to start using them than second hand September. Why? Because they are a great way to practice. Sustainable fashionAs well as saving money – especially if you tend to buy clothes for a special occasion without having to wear them again.

    You will be amazed at how many we are. Spend every month on clothes – which contributes an estimated مل 140 million to clothing that ends up on landfills in the UK

    The epidemic meant that not only were there fewer opportunities to dress, but we became more aware of how our lifestyle choices affected our planet.

    Shika, founder of Luxury Rental Site. Front row“Fashion has always been about the new, but it needs to change and the industry has a big role to play in creating a circular economy,” he says. As consumers, we offer back-up programs using durable materials, already directly leading to more brands, supporting power, growing demand and circular fashion models. We need to ask ourselves some difficult questions before making a purchase, will I wear it again? If not, is it better to rent it out or can I resell it? The future is not before us. It is circular. ‘

    Fortunately, as clothing rents have grown in popularity, so has the choice of clothing. Sites like HURR, where I actually am. Rent my own closetEditors are curated for the best dress editing, from time to time with brands like RIXO, Ganni, STAUD and more. For example, instead of buying a new ix 200+, you can borrow a rickshaw dress for about R £ 50 a week.

    Other sites allow you to borrow the designer handbag that you always wanted but can’t justify buying. No matter what item you are after, here are the best dress rental sites.

    1. hour

    in regards to: This Peer to Peer Dress Rental Service (you can also rent accessories and bags) keeps its finger on the fashion pulse, making sure you get the latest trends to your doorstep, but where it really is Marking is the technology she uses. Founders Victoria and Matthew have recognized the urgent need for a dressing crisis, so they have introduced real-time ID verification, geo-tagging and AI-powered fashion stylists to ensure that HRR Is the safest and most reliable way to share your wardrobe.

    Brands: Rixo, Sleeper, Guinea, Victoria Beckham, STAUD, Dior, Rejina Pyo and many more.

    How it works: This is a peer-to-peer service, so lenders are responsible for posting your clothes, unless you choose to use the HURR concierge service, which does all of this for you, but will cost you less. Commission will be received. In addition, you need to get approval before you can start lending or renting, ensuring legal services for everyone.

    If you are renting, you can search by category (clothes, accessories, etc.), occasion (brunch, out, etc.) or by designer. Then narrow your search by date, size. HURR also has a permanent place in Selfridges, if you want to try out the items in the store.

    how much? It depends on the item, but usually the RRP is about 20, and the lowest fare is for 7 days. For both tenants and lenders, HURR charges a ٪ 15 commission. Try it now. HURR collective..


    in regards to: Ensuring style and sustainability is comprehensive and relevant, the brand prides itself on its research and response to customer feedback. Owner-pieces of all products available for rental are selected six months in advance from the brand Luckbox and purchased at wholesale, which determines the popular pieces using a data-driven process.

    Brands: Celtic brands such as Winona, Bardot and Tola and impressive favorite Spanish brands, Panambi as well as consumer favorites including Ghost, Citi, French Connection, Rexo, Back & Bridge and ASOS.

    How it works: A different model of other fashion rental platforms, Higher Street operates on a consignment basis without any subscriptions so that the rent is accessible to all. Rental costs start at £ 7 to four days, four time slots are available for flexibility (4, 8, 12, and 16 day slots) and include cleaning / repair costs.

    how much? 7 for four days. Try now.

    4. Front row

    in regards to: The platform was launched in 2016 and now stocks hundreds of items from more than 50 international luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel, many of which are not available from other UK rental platforms. They also provide access to new seasons and cult fashion pieces. Warm from the runway

    Brands: Along with global high end designers like Jackams, Chanel, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Burberry, they have a huge collection of Indian evening dresses by some of the best Indian designers like Manish Arora.

    How it works: Choose a style, book an online appointment at the Mayfair showroom and try it out and rent it for 5 or 5 days. Once you wear it, use the prepaid label to return it via UPS Collection or Drop Off.

    how much? The rent is between 10 and 25% of the retail price. The site charges a flat rate of £ 15 for delivery and a £ 50 block until the item is returned. £ 50 is a condition of the insurers and will be released when the item is returned in its original condition. Try now.

    5. Boxin.

    6. ONLOAN

    in regards to: The dress rental subscription platform works directly with current and previous season stocks with wholesale-based brands, they are not peers. They keep their subscription model in a purposeful position because they want to support the industry and its designers, which can add value to the ongoing longevity of the garment life cycle.

    Brands: Sustainable leaders such as Regina Pew, Pearl’s mother, Maggie Marilyn, Stein Goya, Crab, etc.

    How it works: This is a monthly rental service, so you can wear as many of your chosen items as you like. You return them at the end of the month and select something for the following.

    how much? Items 69 Two items per month (total items worth average £ 500), items 99 four items per month (average value of total items worth 1000 1000). Try now.

    7. Rotorua.

    in regards to: Founded in collaboration with a team of industry insiders and former WGSN Trend Forecaster, Georgie Hayat and partner Charlie Knowles created Rotaro with the belief that the future of fashion is to buy the basics and have fun. ROTARO tenants can find their favorite styles from modern luxury designers to refresh their wardrobe or as a platform to discover new brands.

    Brands: Rexo, Guinea, Correction, Cult Gaia, Vampire Wife, Zimmerman, Jacqueline, Cecily Behnson and Stein Goya, offer a variety of sizes (UK6 – UK16) and styles that try to fit the body and be positive.

    How it works: Find your style, then choose how long you want to rent it, Rotaro offers next day delivery.

    how much? You can rent clothes from es 15 onwards. Rotorua.

    8. Infinite wardrobe.

    in regards to: Endless wardrobes work differently for peer-to-peer sites, so instead of anyone being able to list their wardrobe, they buy apparel directly from partner brands such as De La Vali and Alexa Chung. There is also a new feature that allows customers to buy each style in three ways. Rent, buy new and buy as good as new.

    Brands: Alexa Chung, De La Wali, Free People, Whistle and more. This is great for premium high street fares.

    How it works: Because the range is manufactured by the brand, almost all items have more than one size, and as they own the stock, they control all supplies. Customers can book their rent from three days in advance to the first day. They can choose from rental periods of 4, 10 or 16 days, with modest price increases for long-term rentals – for example holidays. The price includes delivery and dry cleaning. Customers can order an extra size or style and refund this unknown amount for a refund.

    how much? About 10-20 of the retail price. See more at Infinite wardrobe..

    9. By rotation.

    in regards to: Founded by expat investment banker Ashita Cobra Davis, the bi-rotation dress rental platform is an inclusion-based platform aimed at democratizing standard fashion and making it accessible to all. All of this is controlled by the community rather than being truly equated. It doesn’t even buy any inventory – so it’s completely durable.

    Brands: Dyer, Jacqueline, Witments, Chanel, Zimmerman and more.

    How it works:Download the free app and start browsing, no waiting list. Item can be exchanged in person, via Royal Mail Tracked or Delivery Partner Pack. The lender is in charge of cleaning and the cleaning solutions are offered by partner Cloths Doctor.

    how much? About 5 5 of retail price. The minimum rental period for any clothing or item can be reduced to 1 day, and the app receives a 15% commission. By rotation App

    10. My Wardro Headquarters

    in regards to: My Wardrobe Headquarters is a member’s only dress rental online platform, which focuses on sustainable fashion and makes it possible for anyone to get a list wardrobe. Some items have been provided by celebrities such as Poppy Delevingne, Arizona Muse, Roxy Nafusi and Olivia Buckingham.

    Brands: Henry Holland, Alice Temperley, Walshenko, Vivienne Westwood, Chanty & Parker, Gucci and more.

    How it works: Consumers sign up for a subscription service for just 9. 9.99 a month and in return are offered a special service to meet all their dressing needs. The subscription also includes a home visit by a MWHQ stylist to discuss plans for what they want to achieve to become a member of this special fashion club. You choose an item for rent and it is with you from our closet warehouse in London within two hours.

    how much? 99 9.99 monthly subscription plus rental fee. As a rule, items from past seasons are listed at 10% of their RRP, while items from current season are priced between 10-30%. Sales prices are set by the owner and vary. My rent Wardrobe Headquarters.

    11. The girl gets the dress.

    in regards to: One of the original dress rental services, Girl Mats dress stock more than 200 designers and 4000 dresses, so you are customizing a lot for any occasion.

    Brands: A mix of high street and designer brands such as Ghost, Needle & Thread, St. Laurent, Mayo Mayo and more.

    How it works: You can rent for up to three months before your event and for at least three days, although the sooner you find out, the more choices you will have. Anyone can rent on site, and you will have to return the clothes through the post office when you are done.

    how much? to rent. The girl meets the dress.. You can rent clothes for 2 or 7 nights at a time, prices start at £ 19. If you are a regular tenant, there is a 99 month subscription that allows you to get three clothes at a time, free delivery and dry cleaning and extra discounts.

    Designer bag rental.


    in regards to: Launched in 2019, Cocoon is a London-based monthly subscription service for designer handbag lovers.

    Brands: From vintage to new seasons, there are styles from the biggest designers, from Fendi to Whiton, from Chanel to Botiga.

    How it works: For a monthly subscription of £ 99, you can choose a bag from the new season, pre-owned and limited edition style collections.

    how much? £ 99 monthly. Try it now. Cocoon.

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