September 18, 2021

The BBC cannot identify Glasgow with an angry image as a university challenge buff.

Glass Vignettes was left horrified last night when some of Britain’s best and brightest students failed to recognize the city’s image.

In a question on last night’s University Challenge event, Jeremy Paxman asked the Exeter and Manchester teams to identify the British city based on a photograph showing Feinstein Crane, Squinty Bridge, Armadillo and Hydro.

Stone, a Manchester University teammate, responded to Newcastle and Evans, from Exeter, thinking the answer was Gateshead.

One victim, Jeremy Paksman, told him that the correct answer was indeed Glasgow.

The response was overwhelming. Scotland.

One Twitter user said: “I think there are only 5 famous objects in the picture … and who knows the Titan Crane anyway?”

Another said: “The shipyard crane was also a dead gear. It is not located near the shipyard crane, mainly with bridges like Newcastle or Gateshead’s Quaysides.”

However, some forgave the students for making a mistake because the city looks similar to a person’s tweet: “I can see why he said this, although to be honest, it’s the Millennium Bridge and Glasgow Science. The center looks like Baba, Gates Head, and it’s * dark! ”

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